Grey Cup guarantees

Dinwiddie will look like a rookie
Fred Perry will get into the Winnipeg backfield
Kerry Joseph will break contain and hurt you with his legs
Corey Holmes will give good field position
Charles Roberts will get a lot of rushing attempts
Westwood will have a good day punting
Congi will have a good day placekicking
Milt Stegall will turn a DB inside out
Andy Fantuz will make a highlight-reel catch
The Saskatchewan Roughriders will have more points when time runs out

guaranteed - someone will win and someone will lose.

Thats a fact debralynn8197. I can add to that. It will be the team that has the most points that wins.

God we're brilliant, aren't we?

At this rate, I think we could run the country or something.

wow true football fans, the ones that took to many hits to the head when they played at a younger age. lol.

just 1 point. the time runs out 4 times.

Too much time on our hands. Last week was hard enough waiting till 1:00 PM. This week it is 5:00 PM. It is going to be a long day untill kick off.

We could run the country. First order of business would be to ban the NFL from being played in Canada. Games broadcast from the USA or via a Canadian feed is okay.


(time on my hands too...may as well use it wisely)

I'm flabbergasted, no self respecting Westerner could ever cheer for an eastern team. I hope it snows in Vancouver. You're crazy, if you were a Liberal you could be running the country(isn't crazy a prerequisite for running the liberals, not it's stupid that's the prerequisite for running the liberals)

Now turn in your Western Seperatist Party membership.

Wait a second, isn't Winnipeg in the West?

Never mind.

Hello cfleskfan, Don't forget Bombers are in the east only untill Ottawa returns or some other team from the east comes into the league. This why a Saskatchewan/Bomber GC is an opportunity of a lifetime. We may never see it again. We are in the east on paper only. Winnipeg is still a prairie town. It would be like an Eskimo/Calgary Grey Cup but I don't see how that will ever happen. Closest you would get is a western final.