Grey Cup goers should love this, PLUS Donna

[url=] ... /Gable_Cup[/url]

Donna... :rockin:

That was great tigger. Quite the piece.


Thanks, tigger. That piece really captures the spirit of the game.
We Canadians are a funny bunch. We can have fierce loyalties, but still appreciate that those loyalties are not just to our team, but to the league as a whole.

It has been this way ever since Calgarians rode their horses into the Royal York lobby many years ago.

Vive la difference! Vive la CLF!

Well done!

That was a great piece...

It certainly captured the atmosphere of the week and I especially enjoyed the "coats" caption.


Mods should make this a sticky.

Great presentation!

The CFL has done a great deal of good
as a unifying force in Canada over the years.

The CFL sure keeps us loving those Boatmen...Yuk.

Great post, Tigger. I truly enjoy this kind of Canadiana, especially when the CFL is highlighted.

Thanks for putting it up!

Outstanding Piece!!
Just plain grass roots Nation Building.
Everything opposite the NFL stands for.

Yup, excellent for sure, thanks.

Very cool.. thank you for sharing it.