Grey Cup Genrates more Revenue then Superbowl

There are 6000 paid law enforcement and military intelligence personnel for the Super Bowl (1 for every 10 paying fans) with everything from Anti-submarine warfare. Face recognition, radiological equipment. How is this a revenue generator other than for the NFL ?

Nothing new for the New York area - which is a sad comment on the world we live in. Every New Years Eve celebration in New York has similar security measures. Thousands of cops, radioactive detection devises, face recognition, bomb squads and chemical threat teams sweep all of the theaters and other public buildings in the area of Times Square, 3000 closed circuit cameras used etc etc. Kind of sad really.

Of course even the Super Bowl security is a drop in the bucket compared to what is happening in the areas surrounding Sochi right now.

You gotta admit tho TravelPatB.

Grey Cup is already massively huge in Canada, its our biggest event held in Canada of the year every year.

If we could stop this NFL is superior crap, it really just deters people from coming back. You sit at a game and you hear som goof behind you go "oh yea in the NFL blah blah blah blah" its like alright, do you want an award for talking about the NFL for 3 hours or what? ITs like this all over the place theres these "know-it-all" types that go around and they find it easy to harp on the CFL.

There are so many misconceptions about the league and if they could be diminished we could make the Grey Cup even bigger and we would have 10-12 teams now. Instead we have this group of people that decide they're going to invest their money in the American game instead and it all stemmed back to the media that was anti-CFL at almost every turn going back to the mid-1960's. It still is prevelant today, and not till recently did the CFL media in Vancouver start printing anything positive about it.

This is a huge contrast to the NFL.

The NFL pays good money to make sure they never have a bad story printed especially in Canada unless its like some player that's commited a crime or something but nothing about the game itself.

Despite the negative out put from the media harping on the CFL and essentially creating these Canadian NFL fans which I don't think ever happened before in any other sport that we would just follow the American league over our own when we have the same talent especially back then when players would leave the NFL to come get payed more in the CFL back in the 1960's. Had Canada continued at that level the CFL could be WAY bigger with like 16 teams because a small town and the TV contracts generated would be enough to have several teams in many markets that would show up and would possibly have even challenged the NHL.

Lets not forget the majority of the CFL/CRFU existence they had more teams than the entire NHL which has always been mostly American teams especially in the "Original Six".From 1917-1967 the CFL/CRFU had more teams and of course they've had more teams nearly 80-90 years despite they fact they need a much larger stadium and much less games to generate revenue.

I also guarantee you if you compare the ratings from Grey Cup vs Super Bowl throughout history, this is the first time that Grey Cup has been a cable network. I am going to post in a new topic what I've found out too.

As of 2006 only 9.94 million Canadian subscribe to Cable or Satellite TV. That means there are over 20 million Canadians that would not be able to have access to the Grey Cup through Rabbit Ears. All over Canada there are stations that reach almost every Canadian and, i'm not sure, but I think there are millions of Canadians that don't have access to cable, maybe satellite. They would have rabbit ears tho and CTV is in every city I've ever lived in on rabbit ears. You wouldn't be able to watch the Grey Cup. ITs a fact for many millions of poor Canadians.

Also many belong to smaller Cable Companies as well that may or may not offer TSN through basic packages. Many areas still have regular rabbit ears signals. The CRTC criteria for Digital over the air changes were limited to larger areas or areas that had one or more channels. Many small areas have only one channel.

[url=] ... cle592247/[/url]

many Canadians using Rabbit Ears still, that would fill in several million of that 20 million at least to have an article like this. You can get 38 HD channels on Rabbit ears, but you can't get the Grey Cup. Sounds like Super Bowl reaches far more people in Canada being on CTV than Grey Cup that historically outdrew the Super Bowl when Super Bowl was on TSN.

CTV reaches 13 million homes.

TSN raches 9 million. That's 4 million people that can't get the Grey Cup but that can get the Super Bowl and the Grey Cup had the same max viewers at the Super Bowl last year at 16 million.

I don't understand all the comparisons between the CFL and NFL. The NFL is the biggest, most powerful league in the world. The CFL is, and I say this with love, a quirky, quaint, interesting, little league in a country of 30,000,000 people. The NFL is ~250 times the size of the CFL - the value of all NFL franchises is ~$25B; the value of all CFL franchises is ~$100M . Why would anyone compare the CFL to the behemoth? It makes no sense.

The fact is CFL teams are worth well over $250 million. You couldn't buy the Riders or Esks for $75 million. They would laugh at you if that's all you offered. But comparing the estimated franchise values is not what this thread was about.

The Grey Cup generates nearly the same economic impact for the host city as does the Super Bowl. Both events generate from $100 to $150 million in economic activity in the host city with per capita spending of the visitors being very similar. I'd say the Super Bowls were slightly larger due to the increased capacity of some of their stadiums, i.e. 52,000 vs 65,000. The ancillary Grey Cup festival events attract huge crowds, equal to or greater than the swanky Super Bowl "invitation only" events. :expressionless:

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Because the NFL sets up and benefits from lots of the events - even those open to the public perhaps the tourism impact for local businesses may be the same - but the crowds at Super Bowl events is bigger than the Grey Cup. Otherwise Regina must have been crowded! One million people! After all that's the estimate of how many people will have visited 'Super Bowl Boulevard' in New York this week and if the crowds for the Grey Cup festivities were just as big it must have been about a million people there I guess. :roll:

And unlike sources like Forbes that every year come up with pretty reliable franchise values for teams in the big four leagues - I have not been able to find any one source that lists estimated values for each CFL franchises. In 2009 the Vancouver Sun estimated the value of the BC Lions at $7.5 million dollars - higher in years where the franchise was hosting the Grey Cup because of increased revenue for that year. So with the new TV deal I'm sure that $7.5 million is low - but $75 million???? Ottawa supposedly paid $7 million as an expansion fee.

The last NFL expansion 12 years ago got a $700 million expansion fee - which was considered to be about the average value of a franchise at that time. (Now averages $1.1 billion). So I would find it odd to say the least that the CFL only got $7 million as an expansion fee if they have teams worth $75 million in the league. :roll:

As more and more people cut the chord and revert to things like Netflix and HD Antennas I think it actually really hurts the CFL that they have a one cable network only deal. I think they should have signed a deal with at least one game a week over the air on CBC or CTV. I am actually surprised Bell doesn't shift the Grey Cup game to CTV for broader reach too. Even Rogers huge NHL deal still includes Saturday night over the air games on CBC (and CITY too) with the Stanley Cup finals still on CBC for at least the next flour years. I think being shown on TSN only hurts the CFL - even though I think TSN does a great job with their coverage.

More mis-information Travelpat. If you care to read the Vancouver Sun article which quoted a Business in Sports article which said "if Mr. Braley sold the Lions for $7.5 million he would make money on the sale", which was just a hypothetical number to show he bought the club for much less. Braley said two years ago the Lions were worth "20 to 25 million" and that was before the $600 million retractable-roof upgrade to B.C. place and the more than doubling of the TV contract.

NBC Sports did not tape-delay CFL games "to show them at a better time to increase ratings" like you claimed, TravelPat in another thread. The CFL games were tape delayed to Sunday midnight, including the playoff games, which drew much worse ratings than the live CFL broadcasts. They tape-delayed because they have college football and NHL on Friday and Sat. nights and they don't want to compete with the NFL on Sundays.

If the CFL is a "fringe sport" then so is the MLS. The CFL had higher ratings than MLS on both ESPN2 and NBC Sports broadcasts in 2013.

The Riders have over $25 million in the bank, turned a $6.6 million profit last year on revenues of nearly $40 million. The revenues will likely top $50 million in 2013 with the Grey Cup with an 8-digit profit margin. The province/city is also building the Riders a brand new $300 million stadium which will generate huge new revenue streams for the Riders. They sell over $10 million in merchandise each year, more than the NHL Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Jets or Senators. Do you still think you can buy the team for $7 million, Pat? The Esks have over $50 million in the bank, own real estate and have a ton of investments. You can't buy them for $7 million either.

I know how you like to put down the CFL in every post, TravelPat, but the typical Super Bowl doesn't draw any more fans or generate more money for the host city than the Grey Cup game. Get over it Yankee-lover! :expressionless:

I love how you misquote or say things I didn't say to try to score points. Where did I say NBCSN moved CFL to get better ratings for the CFL game? I didn't I said that at all. I said they moved it because other things they were showing at the live time of CFL games could get better ratings for them than what showing the CFL would.

And I would love to know what regular season games got ratings wise in the States. The ratings were never high enough to make any lists on any sports media websites I regularly checked for sports ratings in the USA. I would always see the MLS numbers in those lists that were usually in numerical order. If the CFL ratings were actually better than the MLS ratings I guess I must have somehow missed them every week - even though I was specifically looking for the CFL ratings. Hmmm. I know as of September ESPN2 had been averaging 220,000 per game for their MSL coverage. Fantastic to know that apparently the CFL drew more than that according to you.

Its nice that Mr. Braley thinks the Lions are worth $20 - $25 million, my memoirs will be worth a million but if somebody will only pay me $10 for them - what are they really worth? Do the Lions own a piece of the roof or get the concessions from BC Place Stadium? If not how did the new roof impact the value of the Lions? Forbes actually has the Whitecaps in the lower half of valuations in the MLS in spite of their great attendance because of the stadium situation where they can't earn ancillary revenues as many other MLS teams can.

Did I ever say I thought any franchise was worth $7 million NOW. No I did not. I said I thought it strange for a league to sell an expansion franchise for significantly less that the supposed value of an average franchise. I would love to know why the CFL thinks a franchise expansion fee that low for Ottawa was fair to the league. Shouldn't they have been able to get more to be split up among other owners. That's why $75 million just doesn't sound right to me but maybe the Riders are worth that much - especially in a Grey Cup year.

You mention the Esks own land - the team does? By that I mean the value of the Maple Leafs ($1.1 billion according to Forbes) is not because MLSE who own the Leafs also own condos in Toronto - they are not part of the team valuation. If it is actually the team that decided to invest in real estate - good for them.

Yes the TV deal is double but that means about what an extra $1.5 million per team or something like that. That surely helps but it doesn't add millions to the value of each team because most will have increases in expenses too.

The last REAL numbers I could find anywhere online for a CFL team was the 2012 fiscal year annual report for the Bombers. Check them out and then you decide what you think they might be worth. ... 045340.pdf

Look - is the CFL (with the exception of the Argos) in way better financial shape than it has been for eons - yes. Thank goodness Hamilton has had an owner like Bob Young willing to absorb losses in the millions for years otherwise this team here in Hamilton (where I live now) may very well have and realistically should have folded. Last year the losses must have been huge having to have their locker room in the team downtown offices, practice out at McMaster, bussing the players in gear from downtown out to the west end for every practice. Bus them back downtown to shower bus them up to Guelph for games in a tiny temporary stadium generating lower revenues there. They must have lost millions. Finally this year for the first time in forever the Ti-Cats might actually be in the black with the move into THF - if it is ready on time - which is looking questionable if you see live web shots of the stadium - and I couldn't be happier for Bob Young. He and David Braley are the ONLY reason there are even CFL teams still playing in Southern Ontario.

Somebody call the Eskimos accountant. According to xvys the Esks have $50 million in the bank - but it looks like they forgot to include that fact in their financial statements.

[url=] ... 051225.pdf[/url]

I'm no accountant - but I don't see $50 million in cash in the bank there - but because I'm not an accountant I don't want to definitely say that and possibly mis-inform anybody. Maybe an accountant can have a look and let us know if I'm missing something there. :stuck_out_tongue:

$50 MILLION??? for a CFL team?
The report states a net profit of $207,000.
You shouldn't post facts or links on this site that confuses people and exposes their BS

This coming from Mr. MLS, who thinks that every MLS team are making millions and millions in profits, and that TFC are selling-out every game!!!!!!

This comparison is joke, it's embarrassing . The NFL on just ticket prices for the Super Bowl alone dwarfs the CFL . I'm also thinking the the league and networks in the States, generate a tad more money in advertising !

Is this about what the corporations generate, or actual economic benefit for the host city

I’m guessing 82 000 people will generate more money the 45 000 that Regina had this last year. Paying 5 more ,than what a Grey Cup ticket would cost. Factor in the ,multiple networks , ridiculous amount of celebrities that travelled to New York and just the sheer amount of people needing hotels,dining and going to bars and parties. The spinoff of hotel purchases must be out of this world. All the different networks and people from Europe that will stay coming to New York are not staying in a motel outside of town, they are spending any where from 500 to a 1000 a night on hotels.

And just in case anybody is interested in the actual numbers for the Saskatchewan Roughriders - their fiscal year end is March 31st so we won't be seeing their Grey Cup hosting year numbers are - but here is the March 31st 2013 report - their last 'normal' season.

[url=] ... 061252.pdf[/url]

Much more impressive than the Bombers numbers. Total Revenue of $34.4 million expenses of $32.1 million for an excess of revenue over expenses (the term used by non-profit organizations for net profit) of $2.2 million with net assets of over $26 million.

One thing is that stats about the econ benefit of sporting events and the reach of these events is overstated since the source of the info is the league themselves.

The difference is that in the past the media and people in general would just uncritically accept these figures such as 1 billion people will watch the Super Bowl worldwide. It may be available to 1 billion to watch but will all 1 billion will watch. Given it airs in the middle of night in most places in the world and only really relevant in 2 countries, 100-150 million is the viewership. Plus, surveys have shown about half of the people watching the game in the US watch it for the commercials and the audience peaks usually at half time unless there is a close finish.

Only the World Cup final gets close to 1 billion viewers.

It is a NFP charter. Why you still here anyway ? Yes the Eskimos if put up for sale would bring in anywhere from 50 to 100 million.