Grey Cup GDT - Calgary vs Toronto

Can't believe someone hasn't started one yet.

Unfortunately I've already had to put it on mute due to the opening act. :wink:

Who is this nobody rapping?

The stadium tonight looks great .I hope they leave the second screen for me next year . My neck needs a break from the one they have now .

I noticed they can shovel the logos on the field but not the rest of it. (Other than the yard lines)

That opening act, was absolutely brutal.....horrid.

Thanks for starting the GDT!

Weather is NASTY!!, Should be a tight low scoring game

TOR wins toss

That's being kind.

THIS is Grey Cup weather!

Argos win!!!!!!!!!!!

The coin toss.

The halftime show should be more friendly to the older/rural demographic.

Don't have to be older/rural to appreciate music, that was neither music or entertaining.

Agree but it's better than some of the pure "rap type crap" I hear people playing in their cars blastically away. Hey the league wants younger fans, which means for many younger people pure sh....t noise trying to pass as music.

I feel for the colour party on the field. Our dress uniforms are not that warm and the gloves they wear are ceremonial NOT warm. Plus they are not allowed to move during the whole thing. Drill in a snowstorm sucks. Been there on too many Remembrance Days.

That was crap all right Earl.

As I say, it's all about what cities and their teams are willing to put up money wise to host the game. I bet the Grey Cup has been "sold out" virtually for decades despite how many people are in the stands for the game or tickets actually "sold" to individuals.

Yes, opening "music" was pure crap but sure, a lot of young people like this sh...t Whatever.


And we are off!

Nervous moment there.

Loved the Laing snow slide.

Snow Bowl.

Totally awesome!

That was a first down on a good field.