Grey Cup games from '80s now available on Grey Cup on Demand Portal

TORONTO — Grey Cup games from the 1980’s are now available on the Grey Cup on Demand Portal powered by Mark’s, the Canadian Football League (CFL) announced. The fourth installment includes ten games from the 1980’s including the final three Championships during Edmonton’s run of five in a row, Winnipeg and Toronto snapping lengthy title droughts and what many consider the best game in Canadian football history that features ‘The Kick.’

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These are looking great!

@sully I'm just curious, is there a specific reason these are being uploaded at 24fps? With QTGMC the videos should be 59.94fps, so just curious if there's a specific reason they're being encoded and uploaded at 24fps?

I actually don't know; I have the de-interlaced files at 60 fps in our Amazon S3 storage! I will inquire.

Thanks! It seems like a shame to go through the trouble of properly de-interlacing them and then not taking advantage of the full quality :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately for whatever reason it appears CBC classic versions were used for 1981 & 1988. 1983 & 1984 appear to be dramatically better than what’s been in the trading hobby until now.

Any update? Will we be spoiled with some silky 60fps footage or will it most likely all be uploaded at 24fps?

I've actually not gotten an answer but I think I understand that the 60fps footage has been merged with ads that are at 24fps... so it's 24fps for this set of videos. Sorry. :frowning:

Bummer, but thanks for the update. I kinda figured it would all be 24fps since we're already to the 90's lol. Fingers crossed we can see the native footage one day :smiley:

I am looking forward to a few from the 90s and hoping to see in the future the addition of playoff games as well.