Grey Cup Game ticket sales slow

[u]Grey Cup Game ticket sales slow down[/u] [b]KIRK PENTON, THE SUN

Has the penalty-filled, defence-dominated CFL season taken a toll on Grey Cup Game ticket sales?

For the first time since 2008, tickets to the CFL's championship match are still available for purchase at the end of September. Jamie Pitblado, who is the general manager of the 102nd Grey Cup Game in Vancouver, reported Tuesday there are more than 7,600 ducats remaining for the big game at BC Place on Nov. 30.

It's rare, at least in recent history, for the Grey Cup Game to not be sold out at this time of year. Last year's game in Regina was sold out on July 17, and all tickets for the 100th game in Toronto were spoken for by July 21.
The 98th Grey Cup Game (June 7) and 97th (Sept. 8 ) were also hot sellers as well.[/b]

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I’m actually more surprised there that few remianing from the slow start I’ve been reading about the sales so far.

I still think the biggest reason for the lull is going back to Vancouver after 3 year. Similar issue in Toronto back in 1989. Great game and sold out ASAP. Then they tried both 92 and 93 the sales were so flat, the 93 game was sold out to Calgary.

With the west so strong this year, I think the game will sell out this year but it won’t be until the final 2 weeks.

Too soon for it to come back. That, coupled with the poor play of the Lions and the overall poor quality of play this year.
But, what David Brayley wants, David Brayley gets.....

League needs to get its act together too (apparently this is out of the hands of the Grey Cup Committee - it's booked by the league). 8 weeks away and we still don't even have the half-time act booked yet. Festival organizer Jamie Pitblado claims it's more a made-for-TV event. I disagree. I think it's all part of the sizzle that helps sell the experience of seeing the game live. I hope they don't cheap out for this market with a rinky-dink act.

I agree with previous statements about the Grey Cup being back so quick. I think in a 9 team league with two divisions, there should be a standard of no repeats for at least 6 years. This allows for if the 3 teams that haven't hosted in that period, if not prepared or able, it opens up to other teams.
Also, I agree, with BC up and down this year, the home town draw is wait and see. However, whether it be Calgary, Edmonton, or Sask, maybe Winnipeg, all these teams would draw fans to the event.

Amen. Unfortunately, Mr.Braley's ownership of the money losing Argos is buying him this Grey Cup. At the end of the day, the game will sell out - but maybe not at the crazy prices they expect to get.

the league will get its prices. its the scalpers and secondary market who will feel the bite

Way to quick to go back to BC , if the lions make the playoffs that should help a bit .

By that you mean when he stepped up and said they would host the game when nobody else was actually willing to and other teams backed out?

Hope the news about the roof doesn't hamper sales further.

What news about the roof?.. Braley is becoming an albatross aroind the neck of the CFL

I'm sure if they wouldn't of put it on a Sunday it would draw more fans. I know most people out East will be watching the NFL and I'm pretty sure Vancouver will be too.

I agree that the likely quick return to BC has slowed it a bit but by no means will it not sell out easily. There will still be the tons of regular Grey Cup travelers in town reping their club. With the two teams that make the game swiping up those tickets if still available the second they win the conference final.

Wrong MrKus. It draws VERY well on Sundays - early evening eastern time - blowing away the NFL ratings wise on that day. The Grey Cup last year on TSN drew 4.5 million viewers - the highest rating for ANY NFL time slot that same day was just 643,000. And that was the 1:00PM game that would have ended before the Grey Cup got going. The NFL games that overlapped with the Grey Cup did not even hit 400,000 viewers on Grey Cup Sunday - less than 1/10th the numbers watching the Grey Cup.