Grey Cup Game Thread

So far Joseph's running is awesome but it hasn't been that costly. Dinwiddie is doing well. We bottled them up in their end for a good lengthy time. I'm at the edge of my seat because I only get printouts of three or four plays every few minutes, so it's more of a nail-biter for me than you guys. It's almost 8 am here in China--Monday morning--and I've called in sick, but told them my diarrhea and stomach might be better by the afternoon. Keep this thread going guys!

Sorry, Stegall is great!

momentum seems to be shifting a bit

good idea - this thread!

beautiful TD pass/reception!!!

Dinwiddie's doing well to keep his composure and is looking very strong/confident.

Go Bombers!

Hello, How are things in China today, or is morning or night. Hold it, Bomber TD, Ya hooooooo

Where are you Debralynn


but today my heart's in Winnipeg

I really want Milt to get his ring.

And I like to see a qb come in under these circumstances and do well.

Were in trouble. Gotta go watch this.

Commercial, I’ve been to Vancouver, You live in a nice city.

Once again Doug Berry completely abandons the running game. Almost the entire 3rd quarter the Bombers are up by 2 you need to control things on the field not go 2 and out. Of course he's done this most of the year so its no surprise. As long as Austin keeps giving up deuces we still have a chance GO Blue!!

Well what can you say. Congradulations to Saskatchewan on a well played game.

Well played by the Bombers, too...I can't wait to see Dinwiddie bring it in the future - he impressed me a few times tonight...

Rough luck...could've gone either way.

Close game, score is reflective of the play I think.

Both defences were great.

Johnson was deservedly the star of the game....but why in the world did the Winnipeg play calling keep trying to pick on him? Throw against Justin on the other corner, Johnson was eating you alive.

Berry made a big coaching mistake challenging the un-challengeable; only cost 3 points but still........bad move.

All in all, I think had Glenn played Winnipeg would have won...Joseph was awful.

However, the better team on the day won.

Definitely congratulations to the Riders but I don't know about that well played game part their offence stunk it up and they would have lost if we didn't have such an unimaginitive coach calling our plays. Very frustrating game but the players definitely gave it their all even Westwood (but he should still retire)

Well if it was the coach saying to keep throwing against Johnson's side of the field instead of Justin's side, you're correct.

CFLWPG: It's Monday morning--almost noon here in China. Bombers and Dinwiddie came out in the third like a gale force wind, but unfortunately the Storm never lasted long. And Dinwiddie's passes were being caught by Johnson as much as by the Bombers. That's the best secondary work I've heard of in playoffs since Bud Grant intercepted 5 in a semi-final game against the Roughies in '53. The only game he ever played both ways for the Bombers, I think.