GREY CUP GAME THREAD - Als vs. Riders, 6 pm ET kickoff, TSN

Als finally get FD with less than minute left in 1st quarter. Good run by Cobourne.

Then 1st quarter ends with AC throwing first completion for FD. Als needed that. Badly.

Looks like Montreal is a little to confident! LOL. GO RIDERS GO!

Riders Defence is loaded for bear!

After one quarter:

135-41 net yards.
9:51-5:09 time of possession.

Riders lead in both categories, of course.

Cahoon has 609 rec. yards in 6 GC games, and counting.

Als gain some yards finally, but drive stalls after two incomplete ones from AC, but Duval gets FG, 10-3 Riders.

1st two and out for Riders. Maybe if not for dropped snap...

Just while the ads are on, may I say again, BYF, how much I have enjoyed your threads and presence on Game Day through the season.

And I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Thanks. It's good to see you in these threads too.

Als do gamble on 3rd and inches, and get FD.

Cahoon looking very reliable as usual.

Lucas down.

Als drive going well, in FG range, Riders recover 2nd fumble!

Generous spot?

Just a few chainlinks short, they gamble on 3rd, within their 30, Szarka gets it.

59 yard kick, and you have to love that coverage, and gang tackling!

Sakoda’s punts have been good. MTL starts within their 25.

Als get one FD after that, those two fumbles have made a big difference so far.

And Duval shanks punt. 24 yard punt, out of bounds.

Riders D is scarey....nobody normally shuts off AC like this.

Their "O" is even scarier. This could easily have been a 21-3 game right now.

Ken Miller for Coach of the Year seems a lock.

Bagg slowing down was reason deep pass was missed?

Sakoda punts well again, rookies not making most of the mistakes this game

That Duval punt was even shorter than his last?! 7 yards, they said?!

the longer this game remains close.. the better chance the Riders have.. Montreal is choking as we speak......nice shank!!!

Hi HTD. Was wondering where you were. :slight_smile:

IF Als lose, AC will be knocked as a "choke artist" but Duval might really get that label.

Congi good from 40+ that time, 13-3 Riders.

Hi BYF had people over....

This will loom over AC if they lose this game...

Wow, kickoff single, Taylor could not run that out. He wasted a few seconds there. 14-3 Riders.

Hi HtD!

Another point for Gang Green... and the Larks are watching the clock wind down.

A "clinic" this first half, on how they can be beaten.

Riders D are playing the game of their life... good timing I'd say!!!

Hi Lifter!!