GREY CUP GAME THREAD - Als vs. Riders, 6 pm ET kickoff, TSN

Hi folks,

I will be on later tonight to discuss the carnage for silverware company coming over, so I'll be on after the game.

This is the greatest game in sports for me. Every year I can take something ifrom the game that I will always remember. I hope we have another classic today!

Enjoy the game, everyone...and Oski Wee Wee!


This is my first post of the season,stayed on the sidelines this year and just observed the forums and enjoyed a good year.Lots of progress made,with more to come.Let's get behind the longstanding tradition of this Great Game in Canada,and root for the team you like or root for both teams,but keep up the support for Canadian football.Prediction:Sask. 27-Mont. 24

Prediction: ALS 42

If we can kick rider butts , I'm sure the ALS can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

24-15 Montreal, hoping the final is 44-41 Sask though

Kickoff is within an hour and the last few watermelons in Calgary are being sold. I'm making my own preparations for this as I listen to "My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring" here:

As I mentioned in another thread, I expect the Als to win a one-sided one, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Riders prove me wrong.

The weather in Calgary looks good, and hopefully this game will be at least close to being as good as last year's.


Nothing like hearing those bilingual player intros. Quite a pro-Rider crowd.

Glen Johnson is the ref, let's hope he gets it right.

Who was that Al who did not know the French lyrics to O Canada? :slight_smile:

Good to see the cable cam again, kickoff coming up.


Kickoff! The 2009 Grey Cup is underway!

I liked seeing those flash bulbs go off!

Als start within their 30.

Two and out to start.

Listen to that crowd noise. It's like they airlifted Taylor Field to Calgary.

Riders to start at their 32, let's see how Durant will do in GC debut.

Good pass for FD to Cates, then HANDOFF to Bagg? Interesting play selection, will Armstead throw another 40+ yard pass?

Congi attempt from 42, wide left, Taylor with good return when it looked like it'd be best to concede single.

Als seem to be aggressively going after Durant, trying to make him more jittery, perhaps?

Seemed like late whistle after it looked like Frazier picked that. Nice try by him to sell it, but it touched turf. Two and out.

Armstead starts Riders at their 45.

EXCITING football!


Cates getting some good blocking as he keeps adding to combined yardage total.

A little surprised they did not gamble on 3rd and 1, but Congi gets the FG that time. 3-0 Riders.

You don't leave points on the table in the Grey Cup BYF!

And Congi needed to redeem himself

Well, I thought they could get that yard, but yeah, it was important for them to get points on the board.

Another MTL 2 and out. AC is 1/5 so far. Not entirely his fault IMHO.

And his record is 1-5 in GC games too, right? That's not entirely his fault either.

But Durant is looking like the veteran, completing passes. But intentional grounding forces Riders to punt, out of FG range.

Whoa, Shologan recovers fumble! Als offence off to very bad start! Must be worst start for them all year.

TD Fantuz-tic!

And first play after that: Durant to Fantuz for TD. 10-0 Riders.