Grey Cup Game Score

BC 32
Mtl 23

You heard it here first!

mtl 18

BC 35

Alouettes 34
Lions 31

Everyone seems so sure B.C. is going to win. I'll cheer for the underdog.

BC 38 mtl 30

Montreal 26, BC 22. I had a dream about it last night.

BC 41, Als 19
I really believe that the Lions are that much better than the Als, however, if the Als were to win, it wouldn't be the first time we saw an upset.

British Columbia 22

Montreal 11

Fans.....broke but happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as a "by the way", check out this photo I found of the Grey Cup winning 1948 Stampeders...

Must have been before boarding: a 12-hour flight in an old TCA "North Star" would not have resulted in happy faces after that noisy and bumpy experience !

I agree....they looked pretty "whipped" doesn't look like the most comfortable plane ride for sure....but photos like this always fascinate me because they really underscore the rich history of the CFL in Canada.....and I hope stuff like this makes an impression on whatever players we have who happen to peek in on our discussions.......

The CFL is an incredible Canadian 'tradition/institution' and we should all be grateful we have it....whether you're a sports fan or not...I just wish I had the talent to have had a shot at playing in the CFL.....that will always be an unfulfilled dream for me....but such is life.... :frowning:



B.C. 34
Montreal 26

BC 37
Montreal 21

Alouettes by 6: they have emotion on their side, while B.C. players seem to be running on hubris this week.

Argos 42
BC 22

Oh oh, just a bit of wishful thinking. How about BC 24
Montreal 17

An Argo fan

BC 35
Als 27