Grey Cup game highlights online at....

Thanks to those who helped me find the channel to watch the Grey Cup. What a great championship game!!! Better than any Super Bowl i've ever watched.
I got to watch the highlights of the game at It even has the dropped pass in the endzone that didn't matter...haha. wow, what a great game.

lol that site has highlights of a bunch of HS teams I played. school teams.

Piedmont Hills = sucks.

Homestead HS football rules.

I've watched Hawaii beat us three times. In person. Twice here, once on the island. What a load of shit.

Plus NCAA football is just bad.

You must be from San Jose State Spartans… btw, how are they doing?

3-8 to finish the season. Better than the 2-9 last year, but still not very good.

2-6 in the much-deflated WAC.

At least the hockey team is 15-0-1.

IN THE NEW YEAR , you will be able to buy the whole game on DVD from the CBC!

But I TiVo’d it.