Grey Cup Game Day Thread

Might as well start one.

Anyone else think that Trestman challenge was BS? Argo receiver initiated contact.

So..... Shania.....

yikes this is a rough set....

For a league rhat wants to showcase our BIG game, this is certainly not doing it! We have 2 stadiums that our GC game can be held, and we continue to leave the game outcome to the elements. “It’s a Cdn game, people will argue?. Well yeah so just start the CFL season in November and end in March. That would be very Cdn!!!!! Wake up CFL. And as a minimum, move the season start date to beginning of June.

Remindwd me of the bogus call on Green vs our Cats that probably cost us that game against Argos and cost us a playoff opportunity.

Can't agree with you here, the optics of the snow on the field have been amazing!

and really, aside from the suspect (as usual) officiating, the game itself has been spectacularly fun to watch.

ho-leee sh*t

what a turn around.

what probably should have been OPI on Calgary (85 thru a pick on TO's 5 ) ends up the very next play in the Calgary endzone on a 112* yard fumble return.

Tie game... wow what a game

Isn't anyone else watching?

(* ish...)


Posey's making them look silly.

throwing that first firstdown play OB makes this game a whole lot more more interesting

Can't believe they weren't running already.

3 down with :49 to go. this could be epic

only hit you in the hands Calgary....

oh god i'm gonna puke

Congrats to the ALGOCATS! :o

Congrats to Argos (boy is that hard to say). Calgary blew it, less than four minutes in game and they don't run the ball and go for a field goal to make it a two score game.Then with less than a minute go for the end zone instead of field goal to send it to overtime. Looks good on them. :slight_smile:

First Ottawa and now Toronto have shown that subpar regular season records can produce a championship winning team.

We on the other hand continue to start the season slow and build an insurmountable hole for ourselves.

Congrats Toronto. I hope unlike Grey Cup 100 the franchise can build on this.

For us, anything less than a Grey Cup win is a failure. Because the past two winners have shown that a championship is not built on a 5 year plan.

Smart coaching and smart FA signings can build a winner immediately.

Ridiculous play call. Robbed entire team at a chance for a ring. Hubris and arrogance, completely unecessary.

Dickenson wears this.

Yup going to barf. The league should be very happy their flag ship won the cup,

Way to go East!

When they signed Trestman on Feb 28th I remember thinking...Oh Shit! But give them their due, thats the way a winner wins; Congrats (I just throw up in my mouth a little) :smiley:

Next year we'll beat the Stumps in the GC just to rub it in

No chance we're in the Grey Cup next year.