Grey Cup Game Day Edmonton vs Ottawa

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Hi HTD! Hi everyone!

Evenin Russ

Game thread :

I'm with you on that GO ESKIES!!!!

Just like 1996, but with better results hopefully:






I really think, EE absolutely dominate this game!

I sure hope so. They’ve been talking up Ottawa ALL week because they are the “Cinderella story” and not paying much attention to the EE. If the OTTRBs have been reading their own press clippings too much they may not have their heads entirely in the game. I guess we shall see as they are taking the ball to start the game. EE won the toss and chose to defer.

Time for the kick off.

Apparently I'm in the minority here, but


Not liking what Burris said recently (even if it was taken out of context). And not thrilled about what Williams did to us a few years back either. On the other hand, nothing but respect for Ellingson; the guy may be the best receiver in the league right now.

But more important, now that the Ticats are out, I have to support my hometown.

Not that I expect them to win.

Muamba should have that that pick 6!!

Pretty disrespectful of the American commissioner of the CFL not to take his hat off for O Canada. Must have been confused by the police and military officers wearing their hats as part of the uniform. It's easy to confuse the ignorant.

EE defense miss the opening kickoff? Hank and Ellingson flying high.

That was an impressive drive by Ottawa. Edmonton needs to respond!

Jones needs to call his D out from the dressing room

Nice drive he Smilin Hank +7 nice drive and Eski D is #1 and a Red Black Turnover wow !

EE special teams gone AWOL too. Fumble recovered by the OTTRBs. EE needs to step up their game BIG TIME :oops:

13:0 wow ! Gades!

It seems that I might be using this quote again and again. Edmonton is still on the bus.

How the hell did the Blue Bombers get in the GC game??

I guess the EE team should have bought a Nissan Murano to get to the game.... they seem to be stuck on the bridge still