Grey Cup futility poll

Since Rider fans have to win every poll regardless of the question, this one should be a tough one. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

Ha ha ha, I love it!!!

Brilliant! :lol:

Ummm...aren't there 8 teams in the CFL? You've only listed 5.

Ottawa has less wins the last few years than any team!! :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

FEWER, not "less". . .

And only one fewer championship than Saskatchewan since folding! :thup:

Is it the off-season already? :wink: (Ok, it is for some of us....)

Three championships in 112 years - - that an embarassing stat.

An average of one championship every 35 years. I guess the next parade in Regina will be around 2042.

...reading the title of this one, I thought here we go again...Bombers haven't won in 21 years... vote now..blah...blah..blah...Then after reading the riders record over the years...I really don't feel so bad :rockin: :lol: :lol:

LOL, okay you got me, I jumped the gun ! :smiley:

Bombers have won 100% of the Grey Cup games decided in sudden death.

One could argue that before they became the Saskachewan Roughriders, they were the Regina Rugby Club and later the Regina Roughriders, who never won the cup (making it once as the club in 1923 and six times between 1928-1934). So Regina I would say is the best answer here.

The Riders/Roughriders could also imply Ottawa, which would be an incorrect answer, which in turn makes all of the above.


The team wearing green and white, could also be potentially right or wrong when the old university teams are considered if any of them wore green and white. There is also white (albeit a small amount) in some of Edmonton's jerseys.

Riders will Rule in 2013!! :thup: :wink:

Nevermind, I'm wrong, the poll says current CFL team.

It doesn't matter what the poll says. As the play of the year farce is showing us, Saskatchewan wins any poll no matter what it's about. :stuck_out_tongue:

And one could never confuse Edmonton's Grey Cup record with (all of the above).

still cant beleive that rider fans let bomber fans win the best QBReceiver duo.

Fewest wins by active teams, most losses by active teams, lowest winning percentage by active teams, 3 defunct/amateur teams have more wins and all of the other 7 current teams have not only more wins but also more losses than the Riders have wins.

Go Riders fans, Go. Yeah! :rockin: :lol:

And the team with the most wins and best winning percentage is.........? 8)