Grey Cup First time..... what should I expect????

Details please... I'm going with 20 guys from around Canada on a rugby/football reunion tour. This is my first Grey Cup and to be honest I hated the CFL until the trip was announced and I decided it would be in my best interests to pay attention. Now I love it.... but please help me by answering the following questions:

Will the city of Winnepeg be a fun place for 20 guys to party? (please note we think fun is waking up to shots of Jaggermeister and red bull).

Is there tailgating in the Grey Cup? Please explain what we can expect.

Can you buy beer or hard liquor in the stands?

Is it ok to get all rowdy or will people get uptight cause they spent so much money on their tickets?

After the game where is the party going?

We're there until Tuesday morning.... will there be anything fun on the Monday night??

Feel free to answer any question you wish.

I'll take a kick at a few of no particular order...

Being rowdy in the stands requires common sense.
If you are blocking the action, or jostling people, what do you think? But cheering, singing, whatever is fine.
Pretty sure Bomber Stadium sells beer, etc.

Winnipeg should provide you plenty of stuff to do that will keep you happy--especially if Jagermeister is considered entertainmentyech.
I recommend you get on a website and find locations for events, etc.
I recommend the Spirit of Edmonton and Rendevous Saskatchewan as starters. And I imagine Touchdown Manitaba will be the place to be. And there will be a variety of other options. Rendevous will be Sat., and S of E runs everyday until Sunday. TD Manitoba is Friday
If you are still there Monday, you'll have to entertain yourselves. Winnipeg has strip clubs if that is your cup of tea.
There will be somewhere to party after the game, but again, check the websites to find out what and where.

I have little doubt that 20 guys looking for trouble (not too much hopefully) will have a blast in Winnipeg, especially if it is your first Grey Cup.
One piece of advice is, make sure you attend some of the actual Grey Cup parties/hospitality rooms, but never be afraid to go with the flow.

And for your edification:

The bars are open till 3:00 am, how could you not have fun.

'Nuff said!

What should you expect at the Grey Cup you ask?
You should expect to get really drunk for 3-4 consecutive days and nights.
You should expect to have a blast.
You should expect yourself to drool over the cheerleaders. You should expect to buy at least one cheerleader calender and then get the rest of that team to sign it. You should expect to get shut down by at least one cheerleader.
You should expect to talk football with a bunch of other drunk guys who know what they are talking about, and many that don't.
You should expect to be cold for a bit and then you get drunk and no longer care.
You should expect to have a great time with the 20 guys you are going with.
You should expect long lineups for beer at the game
you should expect that not mattering that much
You should expect to have one of the best weekends of the year.

Go ahead and get rowdy. But be funny rowdy. If you see a guy in a 98 white Rider Jersey throwing flags at people, you should expect me to shake your hand and give you a cheers.

good luck man. It will be a fun weekend

Oh and I completely agree with Arius, go to the events those are the best things to do. My first year we didn't go to many, and then later years we went to almost all, It is where the action is at. I belive most are at the Convention center.


We will not be rude rowdy, just very loud rowdy!!

We'll be the 20 large guys with moustaches. Say hello.

i was at the 2000 grey cup...and man was that killlllller...12 years old..first time i was wasted....froma boy to a man :slight_smile: twelve years old.....truly charming..... :roll:

i think its ok.....after getting that sauced..i didnt touch alchohol for 4 years...

truly disgusting and pathetic. If any adult was responsible, they should be in jail.

Got news for you, drinking dont make you a man and getting wasted only makes one an idiot.

And the most important thing (and I'm sure Billy would agree)

You should expect ONE HELL OF A FOOTBALL GAME!! Have a great time.

Truly agree! Many things in life make one a man (or woman) and drinking is not one of them!

Well, for me, I attended the 2001 Grey Cup in Montreal. First of all, crappy seats, the Als tried to match the season ticket holders seats at Molson Stadium to the ones at Olympic Stadium, and for some reason we ended up in the end zone with the Calgary fans, whom by the way I had a blast with! :cowboy:

The festivities in Downtown Montreal were great, but then again, this is the best night life in all of Canada :lol: The game itself, well it was boring but since 2001 they've all been good games!!

It's definately an experience. My favourite part was getting to meet fans from all over the CFL who come in with their team jerseys, whether it's Sakstachewan, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto etc.

I happpen to know that the local news stations have been making the rounds to some of the more adult entertainment areas of town. The stories should air on friday or saturday 5:00 newscasts. HAVE A BLAST!!!

From my past exposure the measure of a truly memorable Grey Cup experience is how you probably won't sleep at your booked and paid for hotel room, certainly on Friday and Saturday night! Enjoy and don't be shy!

for all of us that cant make, can you do us a favour and take photos, and post them here, also bring a video camera as well and post any clips,

drunkeness makes you a man??? if that isn't evidence of societal moral decay i don't know what is. pure stupidity. maybe once you learn it is possible to drink responsibly, you may start develping into a man but you drinking alcohol has nothing to do with it i assure you.

hey i think knocking back a 26 of white rum in an hour in a half is pretty damn good.

Binge drinking, eh? Hope that makes you proud, boy, but I personally think it's pathetic.

ummmmmm yah i was pretty i didnt drink on gameday...

but the best thing about the grey cup is the PARADE...that was so fun