Grey Cup Final

Chuckle LOL....CatsFaninOttawa.....I actually sat and watched the entire 67 game piece by piece one day on Youtube,loved the half-time stats done entirely on a chalkboard,classic!!! The old commercials were a hoot as well.Thanks for the 72 video didn't realize there was one this long on youtube,thought they only had snippets of the game.Much Appreciated!!!! :smiley: :cowboy:

I did the same thing with the 1967 game. Amazing memories. Love that it's the entire broadcast, including the pre-game, half-time (marching band and all), and commercials. Our TV had been broken for almost a year at the time, but when my dad, who grew up in Hamilton, saw that the Ticats had made it to the Grey Cup, he finally decided maybe we needed to get a new one.

Actually, I haven't watched the entire 1972 game yet. And I'm very surprised that the whole thing is there in one piece too. Hope it stays there long enough for me to watch it.