Grey Cup Final

Hamilton 27
Sask. 30

Weren't you the guy that said you would rather watch N.FL. pre-season more than the Grey Cup??? :lol: Just one quick many safeties do ya think will be scored in that Grey Cup??? :wink:

I thought the Riders won 43-40, on Ridgeway's field goal.

Actually, the way I remember it, the Cats won 13-10 on Sunter's field goal. :lol:

The way I remember it, we whipped them 24-1 and they were never in it. They did manage a lonely rouge, but that was it.

LOL ya beat me to it,I was going to post exactly the same thing!!!! :cowboy:

That 24 to 1 Grey Cup (1967) win was the only day in Ottawa history that Prairie-strong winds hit Lansdowne Park. With the wind at his back, Joe Zuger hit Ted Watkins on a 70-yard pass-and-run for a TD and booted a number of mammoth punts. Zuger also directed a drive against the wind in the first quarter and scored with his own run. It was great back in those days to have your best athlete playing quarterback. Zuger was the Cup MVP.
The 1967 Grey Cup was supposed to be the wrap-up event in Canada’s Centennial celebrations. Canada’s golden boy, Russ Jackson was supposed to lead the other Riders to a fairy tale victory. We were being called disloyal Canadians just by cheering for the Cats in the playoffs. Just like these days when the Senators make the NHL playoffs and we’re being told that they’re “Canada’s Team.”


1968 was the first year they gave a new car to the MVP. I’m not sure what Zuger won in 1967, but it didn’t have 4 wheels. He also played (at least part) of the game with a broken nose. He had a single face mask bar on his helmet. One seriously tough dude. The best part for me in beating the RR’s was how they literally destroyed us in the 1966 Eastern final and we handled them so easily in 1967. Karma never sleeps. Great 1/2 interview with Henley,funny commercials,1/2 time band Mosca,Henley,Ealey,Sunter,Gabriel....nuff said!!!!! Our current coach Austin,beating us to win the Cup!!

Take a walk down memory lane!! The history of the Cats vs Riders in the Grey Cup!!! ENJOY!! :cowboy: :rockin:

I remember the 1989 game, both teams defense played poor, it seemed like the team with the ball last would win and Saskatchewan did. There was some confusion in that game because with less than a minute left Sask. was losing, but was marching for a score, Sask’s qb appeared to throw an interception, which was great because it sealed Hamilton’s win, they went to a commercial came back and Ridgeway kicked the winning field goal. What happened to the interception? and how did Saskatchewan even have the ball? the announcers didn’t say anything, can someone who remembers the game please clear this up for me. :?

8) I was at that classic Grey Cup game in 1967. A bitter cold windy day for sure. Good thing the game was played on
 Saturday, because we woke up the next morning to a fierce snowstorm, that kept up most of the day, and dumped over
 a foot or more of snow on Ottawa !!

  Joe's prize for winning the MVP award in that game was a TV set !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->  

   Joe always used to tell me that that was his luck, because the next year the award was a new car !!  

    Poor Joe.   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Well at least it had 4 legs (if not 4 wheels)! :oops:

I was at that game (section 500) but dont remember that play. Not that I remember much of any of the Grey Cup games I attended, thanks to "Spirit of Edmonton"!!


You got that right any day of the week, And seeing as the game is played in sask in novemeber with the winds probably being at 80k, I would say at least 2 safeties and I'm sure that the teams will also be REWADED at least 3 pts combined for missing FG's, Just one quick question, how does a team get rewarded for missing a FG? Did you make these rules up?. Sorry that was 2 quick questions

Winds of probably 80k ??? Who are you????? Any relation to Matt Hayes????? Enjoy your N.FL. pre-season games,where if ya miss a f.g. the play is over and they cut to a commercial break.

Why are you even posting on this site when you obviously worship at the all mighty altar of the N.F.L.?????? :lol:

Don't get me wrong I love football period,(C.F.L/N.F.L./N.C.A.A/C.I.S/PEEWEE/HIGHSCHOOL)...But the last time I looked this is a C.F.L TI-CAT FORUM.....So why post a Grey Cup prediction on one thread and on another post how you prefer watching N.F.L pre-season over watching the National Championship Grey Cup Game????. Just a guess but is the 14 in your monicker "Catsin14" your age or your I.Q. ????? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The kicking team is not "rewarded". The defending team is "punished" for not having successfully defended their end of the field. They are also "punished" if the field goal is good (3 points) or if they allow the other team to score a touchdown (6 points). Does this clarify things for you?

I think a lot of people don’t understand the rouge rule. When a field goal is missed the defending team has the option to run the ball out and no point is awarded, but most teams will give the single for better field position, if the ball is kicked through the endzone then the ball can’t be run out and 1 point will be awarded to the kicking team.

Exactly correct.

No one is rewarded (much less rewaded) for missing a field goal. A team is rewarded for kicking the ball into the other team's end zone and preventing them from returning it out. A successful field goal is particularly accurate and is rewarded with three points, not just one.

If anything, I'd like to see the reward for a rouge increased to two points from one.

The entire 1967 broadcast is up on YouTube in twenty some-odd pieces. This is just one part of it. Love the pre-game show with the analyst with the chalkboard. And of course the ads, including one for Labatt's Pilsner with Billy Vann as one of the backup singers. Three quick kicks in the game. And watch the way the Ticats run to the line after breaking the huddle, and the quick snap as soon as they're set. Not much time to read the defence, but even less for the defence to read the offence.

Here's even more of the 1972 game.
I hope the link works. With all the attention Ealey's scrambling abilities received, I had actually forgotten how great his arm was, even when rolling to his left.