Grey Cup Festivities

Spent the afternoon at the Festival yesterday and what a great time we had.

Was able to get autographs and pix with Rob Hitchcock and Danny Mac. Great, down to earth, no b.s. guys who seemed mroe than happy to take a few minutes and talk with me and my Argo-fan friend.

Same with Lumsden and Setta who chatted for a few minutes.

Burris, Dunigan, Cahoon, and Geroy Simon were also approachable and willing to chat for a minute or two.

Just regular guys who play football, nothing more, nothing less. It was so great to see how open these guys were.

Ironically, other than O'shea who was at a scheduled autograph signing, and Allen, there were NO Argos around? Wazzupwitdat? Not that I cared, but my friend was a little disappointed.

Toronto has put on a good show this weekend, now I hope the game is worth it.

I've been to the celebrations the last 3 days and as 72er indicated, the players and fans have been great. I also had the chance to talk to Bob Young yesterday and found him to be very approachable and friendly.

In addition to Allen and O'Shea, Michael Bishop was kicking around.

The GC organizers obviously pulled out all the stops bar none to put on a successful event. And it was!!! It was first class, big-time all the way. I’ll put money on Toronto hosting the 100th GC game 5 years from now.

An Argo-Cat fan