Grey Cup Festivities and Traditions

How are you spending Grey Cup?

Will you be there?

Party at your house? If so what's on the menu?

Party at a friend's house? If so what do you bring along?

Local pub?

Any traditions like a big hat with GC pins or other memorabila?

As long as I can remember...its been to my parents house...and we eat...cabbage rolls. NO idea why cabbage rolls, thats just what its been! We used to have them cooking and eat at half time, but with the later start time we eat just before kickoff. I should mention that the rolls are pretty darn close to the size of footballs with three types of meat in them!

The only times this has been missed by me, is when I've been in attendance at the game!

Wearing one of my Tiger-Cat t-shirts. Tiger-Cat beer mug. Wishing for what might have been. But still enjoying the game.
At the same time....trying to show some comparisons to convert my Rugby-loving lady to the CFL.
No luck so far though. :cry:

I go a friends house for the annual Grey Cup party,we build a pizza, and I do mean build.Indulge in a few adult beverages, brag up our teams.I wear my old Tiger-Cats shirt with the yellow helmet on it,the shirt has seen better days,slap on a Ti-cats hat and act foolish. :lol: A good time is had by all.

I've been to 9 Grey Cup games since 1989: nothing like being there in person (especially when it's in the West!)

Party on!

I am happiest that, compared to 15 years ago, this league is MILES ahead of where it use to be.

15 years ago we had to borrow money from the NFL and TSN to stay alive. Now...

My guess, within 5 years, all teams not named Toronto will be making money.

God Bless them...

My wife's family just cleared out of here (her birthday party). Not a sports fan among them. I think I may have to start going to the game in order to avoid the scheduling conflict.

Menu: homemade pea soup & German sausages at half time, white radish slices & beer nuts snacks, Schneider weisbier & Jagemeister shots as required.

Well I survived another Grey Cup party, I think. :lol: