Grey Cup Festival Kick-Off Party

Hey everyone I am new on here and just wondering if anyone has ever attended the Grey Cup Festival Kick-Off Party? The $400 price is obviously ridiculous but just want to know if anyone has attended before and if the pice somehow drops down by scalpers

That's messed up. I try not to blow my coin at Grey Cup. Too many good parties like the free Spirit of Edmonton. This will be my 29th. You could drop a ton of cash for no reason.

Wow, not sure what to say about this other than such people just don't really want to know about Canadian football at the highest level. I mean, it's all on the Internet, Grey Cup, CFL and that, you'd have to be a moron really to not know about it or at least just not care? I'm not very bright, old with some neurological/psychological problem affecting my cognition but I know about the Grey Cup. :lol:

Why don't more people in Toronto know about the Grey Cup? Argos hope to sell tickets by slashing prices and looking to football fans outside the city

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400 to go to a party? or the game? i've been to 2 games and it was amazing. but i wouldn't pay 400-900 for any sporting event when tv provides great entertainment.

400 for a party if true would be proof TO is the stupidest city on the planent.

The CFL is losing the affordable blue collar type experience that it has always been. Why start trying to price things out of reach like the NFL. I still go to the best and original Grey Cup party the Spirit Of Edmonton room which still is free to enter. Everyone who hits Grey Cup filters through there.

The team parties are all similar. Some have better music then others. The East Coast one seems to always be a blast.

I've stopped paying to go to multiple parties.

Joel Plaskett Emergency from Nova Scotia:

[b]Toronto, ON — (October 28, 2016) — The 2016 Grey Cup Festival Committee announced today its gameday line up to get fans ready before the 104th Grey Cup presented by Shaw at BMO Field on Sunday, November 27. Headlining the pregame line-up is the Nissan Titan Tailgate Party – the largest tailgate party ever to take place in the City of Toronto.

In addition to tailgating, fans can also enjoy Grey Cup fun at the Budweiser Game Day Fan Zone and an exclusive VIP Grey Cup Warm-Up Party at Muzik featuring Joel Plaskett Emergency.

No offense to anyone that goes to these events but i find them boring. the kick-off party all it is is people like you standing around drinking beer. or places where promotion stands are located for giveaways or people wooing and aaweing in your face shouting and asking if you are having a good time.

The bands are usually awful. food prices are bad and all it is is partners of the CFL or city to get city food carts in an area to please them.

I've been to Super Bowl, college bowl games, nhl parties, and cfl ones.

they are all the same.

The worst i've been to was the Rose Bowl where I had to pay $150 for a pregame party to stand in line for 1 hr to get food to then find a table. Pay $12 for beer. $9 for pop which was not included in the entry fee. And then wait for the main event which was promised. A 30 minute pregame show with Marcus Allen and few other alumni standing on the other side of the tent where you could not view a thing.

I remember it as a total disaster. Game was memorable but I would never spend $$$ on any event.