Grey Cup Festival 2021

Does anyone have any info on if there will be much of a festival this year in the Hammer?

I have reached out to a few organizations (Lions, Spirit of Edmonton, and TD Manitoba) to see if they have plans and seem to be no plans to announce yet.

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Wondering the same thing. Grey Cup is an annual tradition for me and a group of friends. We're all waiting for something, anything! Very quiet on all fronts.

I think it's going to be very difficult for Hamilton to get much of anything going given the current trend in government restrictions. Tough to put on a festival, especially the "socializing" events where indoor capacities are so low and almost all interaction is being discouraged. At present, the stadium limit is 15k, so I suspect those will get scooped up very quickly by season ticket holders. Holding out hope they can adopt the Winnipeg model of a full stadium of vaccinated fans: crowds of 25-32k without incident shows it can be done safely.

Fingers crossed we hear something soon so we can start making plans!

They haven't even announced the half time performer.

I feel so bad for Bob Young.

Hamilton is getting screwed....and they aren't buying us dinner, or even using any lube first.

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It's changed to 75%, or 18k, if they put in the 10k temp stands attendance would be 25k


if they are requiring everyone to be double vaxx'd, we should be allowed full capacity.

simple as that.


Even if it means turning the parking lot of the Econolodge into an impromptu beer garden, I'll just be happy if they can pull the game off with a respectable crowd. As Hammertown_Proud says, there's no reason they shouldn't be able to do a full house of fully vaxxed fans like in Winnipeg.

Hopefully Ford & Co see it that way too. Tick tock goes the clock...

Case counts have actually dropped over the last week in Ontario. Hopefully they can avoid any lockdowns and get a decent sized crowd. Would be great to see fans travelling in from all over, including those Polar Bear guys from NWT. Maybe they can move some of the Festival events outdoors - get some big ass patio heaters lined up and some good Vodka.

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For me and my mates, the parties are almost more important than the game.
Something we look forward to every year. We have our hotels booked but no
flights yet until we know what's happening.

As of Sept 24th : Capacity limits at indoor settings – like event spaces, banquet balls, convention centres, sporting events, concerts, theatres, cinemas, racing venues, and commercial and film television productions with studio audiences – will be increased to 50 per cent or 10,000 people, whichever is less.

Still over two months to go, so hopefully the 75% for outdoor stadiums will be lifted, especially with people fully vaxxed and cases dropping.
THF has a 24k max capacity, in the past they have allowed standing room at playoff games and Labour Day. If the 75% rule stays for the GC it means that they would have to install 10k temp stands but still only be allowed 24k - it makes no sense that they would have to install 10k temp stands at extra cost and then only allowed the 24k seating capacity of the current stadium without the temp stands.

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