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as entertaining as those who consider his cheating...well...not cheating.

"We could debate whether taking PED is cheating as opposed to breaking policy , getting suspended and then being reinstated."

That is money. Pure money.

Cheatin' cheaters cheat.

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Is it proven that he knowingly took a performance enhancing drug for that purpose?

well, as a cheater, who cheats, and then gets punished, that is the proof.

so yes, it is proven, he is a cheater.

he was suspended for taking a PED, which he knowingly took.

What isn't proven (but only suspected) is how long he was cheating before he got caught.

It is very well known cheaters often cheat many times before getting caught. But that isn't proven. Just suspected.

The game is filled with cheaters. We need to cut down on the cheating to get the flow back into the game. Too many big plays called back due to cheaters caught cheating.

I wonder if Jesus and the Grey cup guys would accept me changing my name to Jesus Saves :slight_smile:

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I believe the correct answer is Jesus Saves at the Bank of Montreal . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


We could debate whether taking PED is cheating as opposed to breaking policy , getting suspended and then being reinstated.

This is the Barry Bonds argument all over again . He now has a head the size of a Buick because he loaded up with steroids . He could say that everybody did it but he'd be wrong . Babe Ruth didn't do it . Hammerin Hank Aaron didn't do it . They're in the Hall of Fame and Buick head is not and hopefully will never be . Mark McGuire , Sammy Sosa, and the rest of the juicers don't deserve the honour because they cheated .

End of rant ! :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

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testing began in 1987, at least in the Nfl. CFL testing has been spotty if not non existent until 2016.
everything before that is unknown

We have all heard or read stories of "bennies" or speed being readily available in all locker rooms

I know we all want to glorify past players and ignore their transgressions, like drug addiction, serial sexual conquests, alcohol abuse etc.

But Esposito always scores on the rebound...

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Wow, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Why highjack a thread on the GC Fan Base to voice your displease at the CFL's anti-doping policy?? Maybe send an email to the CFL's head office telling them how you feel and what you want changed (doubt it would accomplish anything, but that would be the correct place to air those grievances). Just my opinion of course.

I would think that a Calgary fan would feel cheated by PED-boy, but it takes all types... :roll_eyes:

Checks board.

"Hamilton Tiger-Cats".


With assists to Orr and Cashman . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old Bruin fan)

Ah, “Those were the days my friend,
We thought they’d never end.”

If you’re a long time Bruin fan, and I mean really old, long time fan, I met Hall of Farmer Dit Clapper back in the late 50s or early 60s. We were renting a cottage next door to some friends of his and he came up for the day. Had no idea who he was before that day. I think he actually quit playing when I was about two years old.

Reading about that Boston "hockey" team makes me almost as ill as reading about the blew team...

But you have to love the Boston uniforms and team colours😏?

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That doesn't mean I have to like that football team from Pittsburgh either.


The Bruins and the Steelers have been my teams since the 1950s . It was the colours and their underdog status that attracted this fan . Boivin , Simmons , and Jerry Toppazzini were favourites. The Steelers had Bobby Layne and Buddy Dial . They were not on tv every week, unlike the Leafs and the Browns, but they were my teams. Of course the Tiger-Cats were always and still number 1 with me . Love the colours ! :grinning:

Pat Lynch ( 50 year season ticket holder)

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Johnny Bucyk man myself.

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Became a Bruins fan in 1965 around the end of the 65-66 season. We moved up from the US in '62 and by '65 I decided that I had better pick a hockey team to follow. I decided to see which team was the worst and choose them. (NEVER been a bandwagon jumper :grin:)

The Bruins had been in last place (6th) for at least 5 of the previous 6 years with one heady climb to 5th.

Well didn't they draft Orr and the next year make the Chicago trade and climb to 3rd... then never looked back.

Kinda messed up my reason for picking them.

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