Grey Cup Fan Base

For those, like myself, who are not season ticket holders this is a great opportunity for immortality Canadian Football-wise:

After much thought, my family decided to say no to the "fan base" offer for our season seat deposit. We'd rather use the money for actual seats when the league is up and running with fans again. Great idea though.
If they want to raise money in some other donation "GoFundMe" type way I would be up for donating a few bucks otherwise.

I would do it, but my condition is that I get to scrape off PED-boy's name from last year's engravings...


Same here....too rich for me.



abbreviation or noun

\ ˌpē-ˌē-ˈdē


plural PEDs

Definition of PED (Entry 3 of 4)

: [performance-enhancing drug]( drug) PEDs can turn a marginal player into a major leaguer, and transform a marginal major leaguer into an All-Star.— Dave DeLand … has never tested positive for using PEDs, but is under investigation by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency …— Andre Williams

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cheater cheats.

gets caught.

gets slap on wrist.

gets name on cup.

(thereby demeaning all other names of players who didn't cheat)

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who is this in reference to??

Do you have a guess? You seem to follow the league pretty closely.


This!:+1:I couldn't agree more!

got an increasingly defective memory

yah, I'd say. Considering it was only last year.

Actually saying his name might be considered a violation of forum rules. If @FootballYouBet would like to pm me I'll reply with the name. I think though from Hammertown _Proud's last post you might be able to guess.


I think I know who is being referred to and if so, I believe there is also reasonable doubt as to just how guilty he was. That was well discussed tho, no need to go into it again

He failed BOTH tests.
He appealed, and lost.
He served a minor suspension.
Partly because of his lying and cheating, he won a Grey Cup.
He promised to "get to the bottom of things and get the supplements tested", yet he has never given any "results".
He was unapologetic and not contrite.
He is nothing more than a lair, cheater, and thief.
You are WILFULLY blind, and a supporter of PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING DRUGS and the players who abuse them, if you ignore all this.

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you have spoken :slight_smile:

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reasonable doubt.


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Completely agree. He also ,i would add, saw a huge uptick in his performance as well. Hmmmm......:thinking:

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Anyone else having trouble getting through to the Grey Cup Fan Base webpage? I just keep cycling between the request for my email address and my password. Using an iPad, so maybe that is the cause of my problem?