Grey Cup.. East Or West ?

i gotta go with east they looking good

esks bite yuor toungue....the west aka eskies are taking the cup.

lol yea i am hoping
west is good i just think east is more consistent with wins

Go Esks :cowboy: :thup: :cowboy:

East, no doubt, it will either be Montreal or WINNIPEG.

EAST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROXS!!!!!

It's all about the West boys. We are just too good for you, you'll never be able to take us down.

Actually, if anyone but Saskatchewan makes the Grey Cup for the west, I hope the East takes it. . . Unless, of course, Winnipeg makes it.

lmao agreed i want winnipeg no part of the grey cup

in be bored watching them being blown out

Go West!!!!

Winnipeg being no part of the Grey Cup??? WHO DO YOU THINK IS HOSTING IT THIS YEAR??? That statement just showed how much intellect you have.

I vote for the West side, cuz we all know it’s the best side!

east has the only 2 powerhouses, winnipeg and montreal. 1 of them will win the cup

and the other will be going home, with the rest of the league.