Grey Cup Doc. series on TSN

8 ordinal GREY CUP documentary film series on TSN starting in Sep. , 2012.

The importance of the Grey Cup to Canadian culture. :thup: :rockin:

Some of those stories are awesome I am definitely excited about this series, wish there were more films made on CFL topics and stories

I’m very excited for this project. CFL documentaries to showcase the league and the Grey Cup is brilliant for the 100th anniversary.

I'd love to see them all. Looks really good.

I'm looking forward to seeing them air and hope they are packaged on BR with the 100th. GC. All the directors are top notch. Should be a hell of a package. Another example of how good a partner TSN has been for the CFL.

I agree :thup:

they should save the best one of them all.. "the 13th man" for last!!


Ha HA, 13th Man thats funny - To many men on the field !!

Yes , but it was still another classic Grey Cup game. :thup:

That was an incredibly memorable game. The tension in the stadium, at least on tv, was plain to see.

One of my favorite Grey Cups, I enjoyed watching all the Riders go from total bliss, to absolute devastation

As an ARGO fan I have to re-live the 1971 GREY CUP :oops: :cry:

Yea, the Leon McQuay fumble on a very wet turf at Empire; going left and lost his footing on his cut to go upfield. Cheering for Calgary back then I was excited for the Stamps. However, in 1968 a pitch out by Russ Jackson of Ottawa to Vic Washington on the left side; hit his chest going forward [fumble/bobbled the ball] and the football bounced right into his hands and thus scampered for a huge major score Rough Riders. Man that was hard to take that loss also.

You've got an impressive memory for games backer. :thup:

unfortunately the Riders have done this far too often.... :roll:

The episode about the great Edmonton team [1978-1982] looks good. :thup: