Grey Cup Day report and views

The Grey Cup festivals have finally wrapped up here in Winnipeg. It was a cool day out today but it was a heck of alot warmer than the 1991 Winnipeg Grey Cup. This afternoon as the fans were making their way to the Stadium, I saw several hot air balloons decorating the sky above. Very unique style making the air alive this year.

 Seeing the Grey Cup sold out was a great thing to see.  Sure you may have seen a few empty chairs here and their because some people may have been warming up in the heating tents around the stadium but for the most part was jam packed with people.

 As far as the game goes, I thought the second half was excellent.  The first half was a little slow but all in all I was able to see some good solid football as the game progressed.  I do know that the stadium was loud, really loud.  Each cheer from the fans could be heard  from miles away.  The  atmosphere in the stands was non stop fun. And after the game, the party continued around the city.  

Now here are some of the things some of the fans were saying about being at the Grey Cup and the festivals. 

"The ambience at the game was awesome!"

"The game was great. We go to the Grey Cup every year"

"I am in so much trouble, my wife is calling my cell telling me to get my ass home"

"The game started after half time."

"It did not matter who won, we just came for the partying"

"I have ..........been drunk since,........ since......... oh all day today..... and.... uh... all day yesterday ......and...... uh....... heck........ its been non stop... partying for me... ..since.... uh "

"The stadium was so loud that we could not hear the announcers"

"I have never seen so many Rider fans in my life"

"This years Grey Cup was freindly, fun, and showed alot of sportsmanship from all the visiting fans representing all the teams from accross Canada"

"What a party!!! I am going back to Saskatchewan with the herps and the clap!"

"I have not been to sleep at all in the last few days"

"The game was ok, but I would have rather seen Saskatchewan V.S. Winnipeg"

"You know, their are actually alot of Americans here for the game"

"My freind has been attending Grey Cup games for the last 12 years and said it was nice to see everyone getting along"

"Winnipeg is not as bad as what I thought it would be. You people are actually very easy going and nice"

"How come this place only serves Molson products?"

"Hey, there are guys dressed up as Blues Brothers all over the place."

"One thing about Winnipeg, it sure has alot of hot women"

Well there are some of the things that I may have heard or overheard, but one thing for sure, fans from all over North America came to a sold out Grey Cup, attending the festivals, and had a great time.
And what a time it was here in Winnipeg for Grey Cup 2006.
Thanks Everyone.

Thanks, BB.

Very nice job! :thup:

Bring your camera next year.