Grey Cup coverage from U.S.

This San Fran based columnist was sent north for the Grey Cup...

"The Canada Football League's" :lol:

Ahh Comcast Sportsnet, it's the thought that counts (never-mind that you ignored the CFL for years, and even when you did carry it your track record for consistency and reliability in scheduling was insulting to paying customers).

Guy loves it and has been positive . Not like the the Americans owe it to us to cover our league. If I see him I will definitely buy him a drink.

I've read the guy's blog posts and they're pretty entertaining! I recommend everybody read them. :thup:

The great thing these days is that we have the internet. If you live in the US and you are interested in the CFL you can get as much CFL coverage as someone living in Hamilton or Ottawa. Wasn’t too long ago that your only CFL news might be a small posting in a newspaper. Anyone in the US can go on-line and read any Cdn newspaper or tune into ESPN3 and watch every CFL game. You can also listen to any Cdn radio station on the internet.
My point is anyone in the US can get as much info and news about the CFL as a Canadian can they don’t have to read some twitter post from someone in the US or read someone’s blog about the CFL in a US paper.

Somewhat true. Not every game is on ESPN3 (but most are). Some are on ESPN and some are on ESPN news (this year's Eastern Semifinal for example). My internet provider, Comcast, carries ESPN3, but not ESPN 1, 2, or news. For ESPN 1 and 2 I use SlingTV, which costs ~$20/month (not including HBO). I cannot get ESPN news because I don't have a cable (or satellite) TV subscription. For that I had to log into my Sister's TV in Canada (via Slingbox - not to be confused with SlingTV) to watch on TSN since the YouTube live stream is blocked in the U.S. Another way would have been for me to use a VPN to log into a server outside of North America to watch on YouTube.

At least the Grey Cup is on ESPN2

For viewers in the U.S.: The 2015 CFL Gey Cup: Countdown to Kickoff can be seen on ESPN3.