Grey Cup Convoy to Calgary

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know of an organized Grey Cup Convoy that will be leaving Montreal November 21 and travelling to 7 of the 8 CFL teams home towns on route to Calgary.

So get your cars tuned up, get your vehicles decorated, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!!

The route will follow the Trans-Canada Hwy.

Day 1 Convoy Departs Montreal, travels to Toronto and picks up Toronto Fans, then on to Hamilton.

Day 2 Depart Hamilton, and travel to Sault. Ste. Marie.

Day 3 Depart the Soo, and travel to Thunder Bay

Day 4 Depart T.Bay and travel to Winnipeg.

Day 5 Depart Winnipeg and travel to Regina

Day 6 Depart Regina and travel to Edmonton.

Day 7 Depart Edmonton and travel to Calgary.

This will be a very exciting and fun trip, so start to talk about it to your friends and stay tuned to our website for details!!

This will be a very exciting trip and will be led by the " City of Waterfalls" bus and cars.

A very special treat will also be announced shortly that the entire country will be very proud of.

Till then please visit the website where announcements will be posted shortly.