Grey Cup Comments from MLS fans...

Grey Cup Comments from MLS fans (LOL)...

  • The grey cup has only been on 10 mins and you can already see all the divits being ripped out of the pitch.

  • F***ing barbarians... get your own field.

  • Those CFLers are tearing it up something rotten.

  • This game pretty conclusively shows why there should not be a field share. Near perfect conditions and the field is still being damaged extensively.

  • The south end zone looks the most ugly.

  • Welp, overtime at the GC.

  • Now get the f*** off of my field....

  • That was a great game actually. Now...get off the field.

  • I watched to see how the field would hold up but I'll admit it as well, that was great entertainment for a cup final

  • That grass did not look good when they did the overhead closeup for the overtime coin flip.

  • Lots of divots. Some of those close up replays have me cringing already.

  • I was in the temporary stand tonight, it was packed, shoulder to shoulder.

  • That last Calgary run before time I thought the QB had ripped up the pitch but it was some black towel that fell - I was screaming 'shit' and my wife said 'did they score' and I replied 'no it's a massive divot' - thank god it wasn't...

They act as if THEY play on it!!! What a bunch of whinny babies. I pray they get a foot of snow or a nice downpour before their game!!!

Not sure where those reports are being made but I would assume its off twitter that you found them or possibly a message board. However the truth is that soccer fans feel threatened to be extinct and they are using BMOfield as their saving grace to success.

Sadly soccer will never be successful in Canada.

Grey Cup 16 will end up being #BMOfield greatest event and likely that will stand for decades and decades.

It was a wondeful Grey Cup

Actually a lot of those comments are kind of funny.

I did notice that the field was getting chewed up more than what I had noticed at previous Argos home games. I'm assuming it was because of just how damp it was with all the moisture and fog in the air here Thursday - Saturday - so even with the field covered I assume the field was a bit softer and damper and easier to chew up than earlier games there.

And this time only 3 days to recover instead of at least a full week. And it won't help that right now the forecast is for rain during the TFC game too.

But after what they had to play on in Montreal last week (which was a debacle - it was like playing in a parking lot with a green indoor/outdoor carpet laid on top of it) - a few soft spots and divots on that field should still be an infinitely better surface for Wednesday's game.

Some more comments from MLS forums including American-based

My sister is over for dinner. Her birthday is Nov.27, so she has a lifetime of having the Grey Cup in the vicinity of her celebrations. When I make some noise of complaint, she turns to my wife. "who's Mark cheering for?" My wife replies "the field"

A flypass? Why aren't they playing the real national anthem at the Grey Cup. I don't recognize this college stadium. The Tenors were booed some. They never did replace that guy who went off the script during the MLB All-Star Game.

ESPN2 for the Grey Cup? Bush league! Why wouldn't MLS reverse the home-field games for the conf. finals? It's not like they haven't done it before

This looks like a spring game between college O/D.

What the heck is a time count violation? Delay of game I guess?

Why is the Grey Cup at BMO? Even if it sells out completely, it'll have the second-worst attendance for the Grey Cup in 40 years.

I didn't realize QBs don't count against nationality rules on CFL rosters.

The play is being reviewed by "The Command Center". Also, the ref sounds so polite.

TFC fans hear "traction issues" and throw something through the TV. (To be fair, they are soccer hooligans, but still)

This Referee has one of them thick canadian accents

Man, this field is gonna be so ********ed up on Wednesday night.

TFC fans are certainly gonna sue for the torture tonight.

This doesn't even win "worst halftime show" of the extended weekend.

Watching the Grey Cup and just cringing at all the hunks of grass that are flying off the cleats. Save the turf!

How the ******** do neither of those professional players touch the guy? It's the ********ing Grey Cup. O Canada. O Ottawa

Field is destroyed. Biggest game in TFC history.

Grey Cup just got interesting.And just as it does, the ESPN signal goes out. Wonderful.

The grounds keeping staff are going to have work to do, but we'll see. Thankfully there was no rain/snow or else it could have been a disaster.

It was SportsCenter #1. The guy said Calgary like it was a Gary, Indiana location of a California university system school: Cal Gary.

Every time something like this happens I figure the world is paying karma back to Leon McQuay. Went to the game last night - mostly because it's a Cup Final, a piece of Canadiana, and most of the rest of the city didn't care, so I could get a single on StubHub for the same price as my ticket on Wednesday.
I've watched a ton of CFL over the years - but never had been to a Grey Cup. Good game, though it could have been ruined by the never ending replays and challenges, though not like TV has ruined the flow of the game in the NFL.
Atmosphere was way different from typical TFC game - though mostly because there were fans (in uniforms) of every team sprinkled throughout the stadium - the largest being the Kenora Dinner Jacket plaid of the mouth breathers from Bytown.
My one neighbour wasn't playing with a full deck, and spent the entire game giving me his version of the Captain Obvious play-by-play - likely as payback for undetermined sins from my past.
So, unsurprisingly, I spent the majority talking to my other neighbour - wearing his TFC original game in '07 scarf - and we both were worried about, but ultimately agreed, that the field should be fine for Wednesday.

I don't watch the CFL very often but that was a great game. It did look like the players cleats were tearing out some chunks of turf though. 3 days is not very long to repair the field especially in November weather.

On a different note, I'm falling in love with those older ladies in Calgary's luxury box: I hope they complete the come back.

Older ladies? My god, how old are you, 15? Those are Hufnagel's daughters

"Barbarians", too friggin funny! :lol:

LOL !!! some pretty funny comments for sure BUT think of the big picture.....In order to make these comments and observations means that a lot of those supposedly CFL hating MLSers obviously must have been watching the game otherwise how the Hell would they know how the field actually looked like ? :lol: Yup , If ya all hate us CFLers and football so much then why are ya all watching the game in the first place ? What a bunch of friggin' hypocrites and crybabies these entitled whiners are.

Again why do we give a rats rectum and some here spend so much time with that TFC/MLS fans do or like.
Do you think they are so obsessed with us on their site and if they are again ignore it.

Another beauty (all one quote)...

  • As the cup was being presented, four men strolled out towards the centre circle area of the grass, heads down, looking left and right, nudging bits here and there with their toes. Can't say they looked happy.

They've got a lot to repair. If the game was next weekend, I'd be more confident. Three chilly days isn't a huge margin to restore grass at this time of year. Big test.

It was a decent enough event on the day, but they can't let the possibility of these circumstances happen again. Can't tell you how cynical and uncaring CFL staff, media and fans at the game are about TFC and soccer in general. Lots of sarcasm about the pitch. One CFL media rep told a roomful that he's a Montreal guy and hopes to see a bad field so that Toronto can 'keep on losing'. :lol:

It's all in fun.

Hope so. :wink:

Always against the CFL, aren't you, Patrick? :wink:

A few Red posters are sure the Argos are moving to Lamport Stadium. God bless them. :lol:

What an informative thread.

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If TFC gets bounced out I'm sure the comments will get even more pronounced. In reality though, the field conditions are essentially irrelevant as the it will be essentially a level playing field for both teams, so to speak. If they can't comprehend that they should stop heading balls and risk damaging their brains even more.

They just hate us being at BMO. That will never change.

At first I thought this whole post was just joking. There's some pretty funny comments here. Are these real posts.

Then I read the article. Oh they are serious. That makes this even funnier.

What do you expect in late Nov. in Canada - that real grass is NOT going to get chewed up. But wait, this is coming from the Center Of the Known Universe. Ahhh - I get it now.

Congrats REDBLACKS. You were the better team.

Oh, they're real.

The Cabbage Patch use to have an Argos thread. They shut it down because no one posted anything but hate for the Argos. It was 24/7. The thread had close to 200 pages. Most of the other threads would be in the 3 to 10 range. It was crazy.

appears soccer fans would spread hate as they are being hated on as well. But we all know that soccer fans are in the minority and its not even close.

One of the aspects of soccer looking bigger than they are is social media. soccer fans use this to voice their views more than any other sport because there really isn't any other avenues.

Someone should remind TFC Fans including the RPB’s that BMO Field belongs to the city of Toronto .

Not them babies.

Argo fans pay taxes just like those other fans do and have just as much right to it.

" get off my field " :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

The more frustrated and pissed off they get, the more I like it . :thup:

Me, too. :lol:

soccer fans do not care. they act the way they do because their existence is being threatened. So they want their identity to make it look like they are for real and important. I dont blame them. There are hardly enough fans for them to make a dollar.