Grey Cup Classics

So i am not 100% sure but were the grey cup classic videos run during grey cup week just a cbc thing. I really enjoy those how every night they aired an old grey cup game during the week. does anyone know if they were just a cbc thing or is tsn just to self involved to do them?

They are on ESPN classic Canada this year

Last nights game was the '66 GC from Empire stadium, Riders vs the Riders.
Tonight it’s the '77 game, Edmonton vs Montreal at the ‘Big O’.

Show time is 9:00pm. Well, those are the times I’ve been watching at, might be others.

Edit. Yes, ESPN Classics just like Ro says

dam i wish i had that channel.

I got ESPN classics on a 30-day trial with my new digital box. I watched the 66 Riders game last night. Tonight is the 77 Grey Cup "staple" game.

Couple of things I noticed in that game over the current style of game...

Ottawa ran a twin tight-end set, along with a split-end and two running backs...that's 11 guys in the box with 1 wide receiver! They ran that offence the whole game, right up to the last drive when they were down 2 td's and kept handing the ball off on the sweep. The defenders all seemed to be good tacklers, wrapping up with their arms, rather than the shoulder blocks of many attempted tacklers today. After a rouge/single, the ball was spotted on the 25 yd line, not the 35 yd line as it is today...thus most of the punts into the endzone were returned rather than conceded.

Sask ran a more modern offence, but still with twin tight-ends, with one often releasing into a pass pattern.

Another interesting feature was Russ Jackson and the Ottawa O-line charging out of their huddle and running to the line of scrimmage and snapping the ball quickly as soon as they were set, often catching the defence scrambling and barely set.

That was cool, thanks for the analysis. Are any of those old games available on broadband?