Grey Cup Classics on TSN

ESPN Classic will be replaying Grey Cup Classic games
during Grey Cup Week (November 17-22).

Included on the schedule are these involving the Tiger-Cats:

Tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 19 @ 9:00 PM ET -

1989 Grey Cup, Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan

Toronto's new SkyDome is the backdrop of what is widely regarded
as the best Grey Cup game of the decade.

Repeated: Thursday, Nov. 20 @ Midnight, 10 AM, 4 PM ET

Saturday, Nov. 22 @ 8:00 PM ET -

1972 Grey Cup, Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton

The Ticats stun the league with an upset win.

Repeated: Sunday, Nov. 23 @ 2 AM ET

I wish they would show them on regular TSN as I don't get Classics or TSN2. It was nice when the CBC showed them because you had a chance to tape them. I have a DVD record and would have liked to record some of these games.

1989 might be the best football game I have ever seen.
Selling it as possibly the best Grey Cup of the decade is not doing it justice.

If you have a chance set the recorder and keep it for the grandkids!

Re: 1972

TSN described it as a stunning "upset" ??

Cats were 11-3.

SSK finished third in the West with 8 wins.

I have found that to be one of the disadvantages TSN being the exclusive broadcaster of CFL games. But to bring back memories of better times, you can click here, here or here.

I also noticed that mistake. I don't know how that mistake was made. It seems whoever wrote that line didn't do their homework, and it wouldn't have taken much studying to give a more accurate description of what actually happened.