WE DID IT, we beat TONY and the ALS- Junior DAMON ALLEN came through--

Damon Durant is money-- This guy can play in the NFL----

Congrats to the Grey cup winning champs---


I was in regina and i like the city--- Congrats guys lets get drunk and celebrate.

WOW sorry guys I thought we had it, a little early but in my mind we won--

I dont care about the score and if we could count how many men we had on the field we would have WON---

BUt in reality we lost because we had KEN MILLER the worst coach in the history of the CFL----

That is the reason we lost, Ken Miller this is in you, You lost this game for us---

Miller was a terrible coach and proved it today, DUVAL missed, SASK WON and then we LOST unreal

ken millers fault ?

Man that BLOWS! having it soo close then stolen. I really admire how the ref's were reviewing that non catch on the final drive by the Als... but yet when they miss the field goal they didnt show the illegal sub until i had already walked away from the TV ( about 5 mins after regulation was over ).... The refs just missed LOTS today... Clipping and blocking from behind; they missed that interference on Alexander on their convert... The Ref's interfered with this game WHEN THEY WANTED TO... I feel robbed!

HOWEVER.... CUDOS to all the Riders, they played their asses off! and it was a great game to watch ( until that illegal sub call ) - when they dont show us ( the TSN viewing audience )

Also, while im at it I dislike that blonde chick that interviews players after the game... She should be doing the weather somewhere and i dont think anyone should be filling her position.


i had NFl fans convinced watch the game because we have such a great game. And the riders have an extra player on the field during a missed field goal. I am don't what to say. That is like junior high school!!!!

The Als won it. Any compaints about the refs from riders fans are laughable. The fumbled ball was out of bounds before it was touched and the incomplete pass sure looked complete to me. The 13th man lost it for the riders and screwed up their own team. The Pil must be tasting pretty sour about now.

Yup he sure did.

Three bad coaching decisions there.

  1. End of the first half, didn't go for the TD with Szarka.
    2)Giving the extra point after TWO botched punts
    3)Having a man in the end zone to begin with that final punt.

What are you babbling about ? I think Ken Miller is a great coach. If not for your coach you would not even have been in the Grey Cup. I would trade Miller any day of the week for our coach Mike Kelly. Worst coach in CFL history ? Far from it. If you had Kelly for a coach you would really be complaining. The Bombers have had far worse coaches in recent memory. As for the 13th man on the field. I don't think Miller had anything to do with it. One of the players made a bad decision.

every team has personnel management type coaches to make sure the right players are on and off...i believe it was chick...just by the way the continued to show him after the call...either way its on those personnel managers and the players to know when they are on the field, a really harsh way to lose a grey cup what a game tho...goes down in history

Hold on to Miller and Durant. Don't mean to rub it in or be a troll but you guys have a lot to look forward to if you keep these guys.

As far as I know, Chick isn't responsible for it. Reed is responsible to make sure the proper players are on the field; barring that, Armstead should have counted to make sure the right number was on the field.

number 1 the field goal was the right call at the end of the half 2 kinda agree with you about the punt i even texted my bro about that one as it was going down 3 and as far as the last play that one is on one of the players

Cahoon gets Canadian player of the game despit Fantuz out yarding him (same TD's).. WTF??? CFL... stands for Canadian French League. And on anothe note... What's with then non-call on Bags on the second last possesion and the ball is tipped at the line... he get's close-lined and no all... nice!

Player awards tend to go to members of the winning biggie...and if we're rehashing non-calls, Alexander should have had PI on the two-point convert attempt, all evens out in the wash...perhaps the Riders shouldn't have had it come down to that last play...

Question. . . let's say Armstead counted and realized that there were too many men. . . could he have signalled the bench to call timeout or had Saskatchewan already used the timeout?

I'm pretty sure they had already used their timeout, so really, it would have made little difference.

Jim02... I agree that we neer shold have let it come down to the last play... we pissed away 9 points in the first half. Palyers are allowed to "jam" in the first 5 yards off the line... Richardson actually pushes off on the replay... PI... what a joke... get real!

He pushes, but Alexander had a hold of Richardson's jersey. That's not "jamming." You'll never convince me he shouldn't have been called, so don't try.

...and it's JM, not Jim...

jm02... wow.... hung up on semantics... same as your grabbing the jersey... Richardson pushed off... given that both could have been called on that play. Still doesn't account for the non-ca;; on the Bags close-line... which, by the way, you never responded to????

Why would I respond to it? It was a non-call that imo should have been a call in the Riders' favour, but wasn't...much as the Alexander non-call was a call that should have been made in the Als' favour, but wasn't. Like I said before, it all evens out in the wash.

And I may be hung up on semantics, but it's not is a set of initials, and my name's not even remotely close to "Jim"...doesn't even start with a "J"'s just simple politeness...