Grey Cup champs loading up for elusive three-peat

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Grey Cup champs loading up for elusive three-peat

By: Doug Brown 02/22/2011

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A it says at the end of the article...

Doug Brown, always a hard-hitting [Blue Bomber] defensive lineman and

frequently a hard-hitting columnist, appears Tuesdays in the Free Press.

and has this to say today...

"The moment the [Montreal] Alouettes started signing veteran ringers from the NFL

is the moment I concluded that 2011 was not going to be the year

they began regrouping and retooling for the not-so-immediate future."

Doug's viewpoint that the Alouettes are going for a three-peat is based on somewhat shaky ground,

A longtime big NFL star,[?] 34 year old running back Ahmed Green to replace Avon Colbourne

and a lesser NFL star, 32 year old wideout Jerry Porter, to make up for the loss of Ben Cahoon?

The possibility that injuries could sideline either of these two are a lot greater
because of the amount of pounding they have taken over their years in the NFL.


If Avon Colbourne reads this it sure will provide even more incentive for him to succeed.

The two guys have a history with Coach Trestman. He's invited them to camp... Is all it is, an opportunity.

When Doug Brown talks down on IWS and Hamitlon he's a douche when he talks about the Als he's an authrity ?

Not authority :slight_smile:

It's an interesting read. I'm not really sure what Brown's getting at, though. Signing ex-NFL players doesn't mean we're only thinking of the present. They may just be training camp bodies; they may make the roster and be released some time during the season (like O.J. Santiago last year); or they may surprise us and become solid contributors. Like Hfx said, Green and Porter both have connections to Trestman from their Oakland days, but connections are no guarantee of a starter's job or even a roster spot. Brown also fails to mention the plethora of unknown players Popp routinely signs in the offseason to boost competition in training camp. This offseason has been no different. My feeling is this: Popp isn't averse to signing or looking at ex-NFL players, but he doesn't go out of his way to accommodate them. The same goes for Trestman, who cut Santiago after just a few starts. If Green and Porter stick with the team, it will be because they have earned the right to stick around.

I do like Brown's analysis of the big-on-little mismatch that forms a subtle component of our offensive game plan. He's spot on there, I think. Whether you agree or disagree with Brown, his column does make for a good read.

I agree with much of what Doug Brown writes.
I think Montreal is doing what they have always done with their smart ownership and management. They never rest on their laurels and are always looking to improve and develop new players. They are like chess players…always thinking several moves ahead.
Most teams try to do the same but Montreal seems to succeed at that more often AND stay on top.
Bringing in a variety of players…old and new…this season would seem to be a good move. Losing Cobourne and Cahoon at the same time leaves a huge offensive gap. Who knows how Green and Porter can do unless you give them a try? Maybe they can fill in this years holes and provide another season or two to develop new talent.
And at the same time win a 3rd Grey Cup.
I wish them luck but I think it’s the Tiger-Cats turn now for a championship. What a great way for Obie to end his football career. :thup:

If you read between the lines he's telling Mack to get up off his .... :slight_smile:

HfxTC: :lol: :thup:

Dougie should worry about his own club. Bummers have done nothing so far to improve it .

Standing pat at 4-14 ?

130gs for Obby Khan ?


I agree that nothing is certain, and that we do have voids to fill this season. That said, I don't think Green and Porter are really the projected replacements for Cobourne and Cahoon. Cahoon was already splitting time with S.J. Green last season; this year, S.J. will likely take over the short-side slotback position full-time. Porter, if he survives training camp, may contribute, but he'll be hard-pressed to displace any of our starting receivers (Richardson, Green, Watkins, Bratton, and presumably Prechae Rodriguez).

Brandon Whitaker was Cobourne's backup last year and I assume he'll get a fair chance to win the starting tailback spot in training camp; behind him, we have Emmanuel Marc (new), Yvenson Bernard (from Winnipeg), and finally Ahman Green.

In short, while I concur that we have a gap, I'm not sure it's a huge gap.


Thanks for the response.
I wondered earlier on another thread who you guys had to replace Cahoon and Cobourne.
So I would agree. A gap.....but not as huge as I thought.

Cobourne is going to be difficult to replace, definitely. Cahoon is a legend, and one of my all-time favorite Als, but he wasn't the focal point of our offense last season and his game had IMO started to dip a bit. Avon, though, is just about the most versatile running back in the CFL. Running, blocking, receiving -- he does everything well. You guys just gained a big weapon. :thup:

...we know it! :rockin:

No he's a douche either way :wink:

Interesting article, thanks ron. One thing about Montreal though is that team can make an average back look pretty darn good. And Cobourne much better than average.

See you can say it but if I do I'll have the basement dwelling mod all over me :slight_smile: And I just showered :lol: