Grey Cup Championship gear


Where online can I purchase Alouettes Grey Cup Championship gear (caps, t-shirts, etc.)?

Thank you for your time.

Only a cap for now, but its a start

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There is also tee-shirt available at CFL Shop. Buyers beware, CFL Shop charges shipping while Boutique Alouettes does not. That makes $10 - $20 difference, depending on your purchase.

Hi There everybody if you go this website you can get t-shirts too.

Have a great time at the Parade hope you get the whole city out.

Check out l'equipeur

I picked up a Grey Cup Chanpions t-shirt at their kiosk at the parade

If you are talking about real store, there are a number of sports memorabilia stores in Centre Eaton selling the Championship tee-shirt. The stores that never carried CFL product before...