Grey Cup Champions vs Buffalo Bills

Game to be played in Buffalo, Rogers Center, B.C. Place in Dec if the Bills are eliminated from playoffs. Would that work. It would sure add some excitement. What happens to our game if we win.

And then Ben Johnson could race a horse at halftime.

What possible motivation would the Bills have in doing this, or any NFL club? Everything to lose, nothing to gain.

And a car!


I see April Fool`s has come early this year.

No !!!!!

And for the grand finale a horse driving a car !!! :lol: 8) :rockin:

So the Bills will skip their last NFL game of the season to do this instead?

I believe that actually happened didn't it? :lol:

Here are just a few reasons why NOT.

1 . No one wants it.

  1. There is no benefit to it.

  2. To co-ordinate would be a nightmare.

  3. Coaches , team managements and league officials would never agree to it.

  4. Have a few guys injured and out for the season.

  5. Meaningless project with no point.

I could go on , but I think that covers it.


One of the most asinine charades in sports history.

It'd be the perfect halftime show for this ridiculous proposal of the Grey Cup winners playing the Bills.

it wasn't a fair race though, the horses were on steroids.

The most important reason of all the NFL would have too much to lose.

But the NFL needs to realize that soccer is becoming a safer alternative than football for those in the southern climes for the parents of kids to put their kids in football. I think football, regardless of the TV numbers for the NFL, is a sport on the decline in terms of participation by kids. I mean you have someone like a Matt Dunigan, a football star, wondering if he would put his kid in the most concussion prone sport there is in terms of the 3 main sports in the US, baseball, basketball and football and I'm sure there are more kids playing soccer in the US than football. Has there every been anyone from MLB or the NBA, I know there has been some as well from the NHL, that have said they wouldn't want their kid in baseball or basketball? I don't think so. And soccer is so popular and not really a concussion sport apart from the header thingy which I don't think is viewed as a real concussion problem like you see in true contact sports like football and hockey.

I really question the long term viability of the sport of gridiron football other than it becoming what might be called an extreme sport and in that light, there will always be extreme sports but in terms of drawing what many people consider the "best" athletes, I think gridiron sports days are numbered. The NFL should be partnering with every league it can including the CFL to try and grow the brand, not simply of the NFL, but of the brand of the sport of gridiron football.

And I love football, gridiron, but not sure I'd have my kid playing it either. Or full contact hockey either. Soccer, baseball and basketball are much easier for me to say "no prob" for my kid off the top of my head.

Just for your info the following annual Data is from the NCAA in the US:

High School Baseball Players 490,000
College Baseball Players 33,000
MLB Drafted College Players 7,000

High School Football Players 1,100,000
College Football Players 72,000
NFL Drafted College Players 1,000

High School Soccer Players 400,000
College Soccer Players 22,000
MLS Teams Drafted College Players 300

College numbers show a filling of all available player slots.
Drafted numbers for MLB and NFL represent scout "listed" players many are not contacted or contracted.

Just some info to add to the Thread.

Exactly. Can you IMAGINE if the Bills lost (which is a definite possibility)? The NFL lustre would be greatly tarnished, though the string of excuses for the loss from NFL-only fanboys would be hilarious.

It'll never happen.

Football causes most concussions? Think again:

Sports like girls soccer have been calculated to result in 33 concussions per 100,000 player outings and wrestling has about 24 concussions per 100,000 player outings a year, according to The Head Case Co. In comparison, the most recent study — completed in 2012 — shows that at least one football player sustains a concussion for every game played.
On the same note, while soccer has fewer concussions per year when compared to football, the severity of concussions sustained in soccer is significantly higher.

"Recent studies show that soccer has surpassed football," said neurologist Peter A. Puzio from Augusta Health Neurology. "As soccer grows in popularity, so does the incidence of concussion. There's not a perfect a number because it all depends on the severity of each one, but there is a cumulative effect of concussions. One is bad, but it depends on the severity of the concussions."

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Why the Bills and not the SB champs? And it would have to be a home/home with one game of each rules.

Not that it'lll happen.

Didn't know that Neely, thanks for that information.

But why does the top English Premier League play friendly games agains't the MLS? I think there have been some games if I'm not mistaken, correct? I don't hear about if they lose their reputation would be tarnished.