Hope you're happy.

Yeah, thats wayyyyy better. I had to get rid of mine too…

RLR, I don't need to be reminded of anything.

Do I come across as a Lions hater? I've consistently said the Lions are full marks for their record. I've continuously said that they are one of the best four teams in the league and that if they bring their A game they are incredibly tough to beat.

However, can the Lions fans on this forum actually say that the way the Lions played the last couple of games looks like a team that is head and shoulders above everyone else? The fact is, of the last four games, it could be said that three could have easily been lost if not for a big play at the right time.(Simon vs SK, Roberts fumble in Wpg, Defensive stand yesterday). That they made the plays is a sign of a championship team. That they HAD TO make the plays is a sign of a team that is very beatable.

If they played a game like yesterday against SK, Wpg or Toronto, they would have been destroyed. Period.

And RLR, I do not expect a team to walk into an opponents field and win by a ton of points. But if they want to be considered a guarantee to win the cup, they better make sure they show up to play, unlike the Lions in the first half yesterday.

The Lions are the best team in the CFL. If they look extremely beatable, I'm not sure what that says for the other 7 teams in the league.

Its says that anyone can win on any given game.

What it says is that the Lions are not that much ahead of the rest of the league. And I have often stated that any team in the league that fails to bring its A-game is very beatable.

If the Lions had lost yesterday would you have said it was because Edmonton was the better team? I doubt it. You (and most everyone else watching) would have said the Lions failed to show up in the first half.