Use your head not your heart! Everybody knows I would love a Bomber Grey Cup Victory this year!! That's my heart talking!! They could very well do it!! The BC Lions are the team to beat and Lion fans are going to shoot me! But my choice right now would be the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS!! I believe they are more than capable of going into BC Place and upsetting the Lions in the Western Final. If the Bombers make it out of the East I believe the Roughriders would still take the game. Certainly don't discount BC or Toronto but I believe it'll be a SASK/WINN Grey Cup. I also think Winnipeg are one year away from finally winning it all and I believe if at least 80% of the team stays intact next year then they will be the team to beat. Stupid bloody injuries are a part of our game and BC has done an outstanding job in capturing and so far maintaining first in the west. What could of been for Calgary and still could,don't bet against them just yet! Montreal my pick to finish first in the east! What happened? This team is due for a shake up! All of this is just a part of what makes "OUR" league the best in the world!!
My thoughts anyways how about yours? Of course I'am the one who picked Calgary and Toronto in the Grey Cup last year :lol: :roll: :oops:

BC and Winnipeg. Pretty safe I suppose. First BC if they capture first have a home field advantage (noise). Best all around defence and special teams this year. Offence with the a solid ground game is good enough. Riders would be their biggest threat. In the east Bombers have the best offence in the league with Toronto fielding a formidable defence. Charles Roberts is the differnce maker (no goal line strips).

BC and Winnipeg in the Cup is a major possibility as so many other combinations are. I just see Sask having a huge chance at representing the West in the Cup. I'am not taking anything away from the Lions but if there is a chance of an upset then this would be the year! 1989! There due! Four weeks to go,does it get any better!!

Predictions are difficult in a one-game sudden death event. For one thing, the best team often doesn't win. If Burris is completely healthy down the stretch I would take the Stamps over Saskatchewan. With BC apparently past their injury problems, I think they are still the odds on favorite to win it all. In fact, with everybody game-ready they could be down right scary. Montreal is not going to be there in my opinion. Right now I'm leaning toward TO in the east.

What if my head and heart say the same thing?

Then you're a smart guy and a BC fan. Welcome aboard.

I believe that Toronto will be the Grey Cup Champions on 2007!

I am an Argo fan and have not been that confident in our team this year, especially at the beginning of the season. Our offence is average at best, but we seem to be able to win all of our games with our defence and specaial teams. Who needs a good offence?

I honestly didn’t think that we could keep winning that way. I thought it was a fluke, but apparently I’m wrong. Either that or the flukes just keep on coming!

This 2007 Argo team reminds me a lot of the 2004 Grey Cup Champion team - not that great on offence, but a powerful defence.

Watch out Winnipeg! We are right on your heals and it looks like the Eastern final and Grey Cup will be played in Toronto this year.

TO has picked up its game but these to weeks will show who gets the home conference final, and well winnipeg fell apart a bit after glenn strained his knee but they are getting back to form and should be going dtrong here for the rest of the season.

all team allegiances aside who wouldnt love to see a sask/wpg showdown in the big game? Both are overdue, and have the best friendly team rivalry i think in the league.

Now having said that who just doesnt want BC in the cup game solely because of RLR lol!!!

To be honest.
If the Als dont get there(and its not looking good) I would also like to see SSK Wpg in the cup with SSK taking it

cheers ro i wouldnt be too down if that happened and ssk took it either, coming from a pegger. i of course would root for wpg but those rough riders sure are worthy this year!

According to odds at sportbooks, teams are favored in the following order. BC. Winnipeg. Saskatchewan. Almost tie between Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. Most unlikely teams are Calgary and Montreal in grey cup game. Of course, anything can happen in playoffs. The champion is the team that can beat 2-3 different opponents.

Not one of your better efforts...

Sask Toronto would be the most sucessful

Nice refute.

If the Lions don't start playing 60 minutes, they'll never make it. As it stands right now, I would likely say the Riders/Argos. If Winnipeg can right the ship, I would go Riders/Bombers. I see alot of "we can show up and win" starting to appear in the Lions attitude and if Wally doesn't somehow cut it off, they will fail come playoff time. This BC team looks an awful lot like alot of Wally's Calgary teams that steamrolled teams in the middle of the season and then died in the playoffs.

As a Bomber fan I would have to say That B.C. has the best team in the CFL. Look for them to repeat as champions.

BigU, 11-3-1 and wins in Saskatchewan (2), Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto. A win's a win, whether it be by 1 or 30 points. What more do you want from this team, really? You can't expect any team in the league to walk into someone else's house and win by 30 or 40 points. The other team is going to fight hard.

I think it's flattering for the Lions that you hold them to a higher standard than the rest of the CFL, but believe it or not they are still the team to beat going into the playoffs. Their record and ability to survive adversity would show you this.

Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, these are all tough places to win. B.C's gotten the job done and have the best road record in the league by far. I think you need to be reminded of a few things.

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