Grey Cup Challenge

Kudos to the 2 posters to Challenge for the Grey Cup game. Pick the team of choice and score of the big game - thus the handle poster closest to the actual 2018 Grey Cup Game score will be crowned GCC Champion. Big Dave ran it; #1 rank picks first and the lower rank gets opposite team, but more times than not first rank won. Feedback is always welcome,

  1. Cflukb69 4-0
  2. T44 4-0

Grey Cup Game

Ottawa vs Calgary - Sunday Late Afternoon at Brick Field in Edmonton

Disaster week for me, in more ways than 1. :frowning:

Good luck to both of you and thanks to Abe for doing this! :slight_smile:

CGY - 24

OTT - 17

Ottawa 18
Calgary 27

Calgary 37 ;D
Ottawa 19

Firstly big thanks to Abe for doing this and to all the competitors.

Calgary who make you fight for every yard and first down or the Redblacks talented wide receivers.

I personally hope Calgary rebalance those 2 grey cup losses. They have been some team since i started watching cfl in 2014.

I think it will come down to a few big plays.

Calgary 23
Ottawa 17

Enjoy the game.

Thanks Abendschan for putting in the time to look after this.

I am fine with you giving Ottawa to me for this game but I will never pick against the Stamps. My choice would be most accurate score wins. It’s all in fun anyway ;D
Thanks, Terry

Well, Grover posted a predicted score on the outcome of the Grey Cup game, then more predicted scores soon after popped up. I then thought cool man, the closest prediction to the actual outcome from Brick Field wins the GCC.

Cheers, Kirk

Take note if Ottawa wins; The magic number is 48 - Both teams score more than 48 points thenT44 wins the GCC. Both teams combined score is less than 48 points then Cflukb69 wins the GCC.

I’m happy to go with scores rather than a team each completly fine. After all T44 supports Calgary.

Grey cup after the second city derby in uk for me.

I guess we will find out but who will Edmonton folk support?

Congratulations Cflukb69 on your win. Was a fun year. See you in 2019. Thanks again Abe.
Terry ;D Go Stamps Go

Congrats on a grey cup for Calgary. I think they deserved it.

The turf I think hampered Ottawa’s offence a little more. 2 of the Harris interceptions were late when long passing plays were virtually impossible.

Too a more serious matter I’m not sure how the score worked out but by calculations the Safety clinched it for me depending on how it was worked out.

See who leaves and free trade but I think Winnipeg need to end that drought (so to Hamilton)

To 2019.

Sorry to all for not posting for a month, thus congratulations to Cflukb69 on your win in The Grey Cup Challenge - also runner up T44 for your contribution in the Grey CUP Challenge. Hope to hear from you all in 2019 CFL GCC.

Thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year,

Cheers Abbey

Thanks Abbey and the best to you and yours in 2019.