Grey Cup budget?

With the government set the last budget will surely pass now and give the 100th GC money to put on a nation wide celebration.

Can't wait to see what they come up with now that money is no longer a concern. :thup:

While we are at it, how about funding help for Regina and Moncton for a new and renovated stadiums respectively.

They have already said they are not going to help with Regina's. I don't see how a majority would change that.

The Grey Cup should be funded like the 100th Calgary Stampede and the 400th Quebec anniversary (not to that extent though $40mill from feds). The Grey Cup transcends the CFL, no CFL still the Grey Cup, and is a symbol for more than just football I think as to what Canada can be in sporting culture and part of our heritage, it's ours, unlike the SC which now more American owners and teams are in control of, though it represents the highest level of hockey, no longer a Canadian heritage symbol I suppose.

Wait, the feds pledged $$ to help the 100th GC anniversary? I must say I'm surprised at that.

The feds earmarked 5 million dollars for the 100th Grey Cup. That's great to see their support.
IMO, anyone against this should quit their whining and get their head examined. This is peanuts for the 100th edition of our Nation's national celebration. Our government sneezes and spends more than 5 millions.

That comes to 50 000$ a year in a country of 35 million.

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Since the article on the front page didn't mention a number, I went looking for the Federal Budget and found this:

I'm guessing that the CFL is hoping they can get closer to the $12 million that they originally asked for and that's why their article didn't mention a monetary figure.

good, I hope they get somebody relevant and Canadian for the Halftime show who IS NOT Justin Bieber.

Drake, Down With Webster, Arcade Fire, Hedley, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven heck I'd even plug my ears for Nickelback...
just not JB, please.

Justin Bieber can be part of it though. Look, I'm not a fan of his but I'm an older guy. JB is hot right now even though as I say, his music isn't my cup of tea.

The only people the Beibs would attract is a bunch of screaming 15-year-old girls.

I'm glad there is a little funding from the Gov. for 100th Grey Cup celebrations across the country. With the exception of 3 seasons, the Grey Cup and the CFL has been something uniquely Canadian and is deserving of the support.

On the topic of Justin Beiber... I hope the league does try to get him involved with either a pre-game performance or a shared half time performance. No... I'm not 13 years old.. and no, I don't like his music. But realistically, the CFL is a fan dependant league. Unlike the NFL, the CFL doesn't have a $20 billion tv contract to pay the bills. The fans pay the bills. So we need to make sure we do whatever we can to try and secure the next generation of CFL supporters. If that means putting up with cr*p music for 15 minutes... so be it. Beiber is hot with young people right now, so why not try and feed off that a bit and get a little more exposure to the youth of the country.

If they could get Bieber to do a tie-in concert during the week of the Festival that would be great. I just hope this doesn't mean we're now going to be havng a 2 year debate on who should perform at the half of that GC.

I think it's pretty much guaranteed there will be a two year debate BB :wink:

I don't have a problem with the CFL tapping the Bieber for a little youth excitement. I just hope they don't forget about us old farts and the majority of people who are in their mid-thirties. There are lots of great Canadian acts to choose from as long as they book far enough ahead.

I think there will be float with a huge picture of Harper on it... that is the sacrifice the league has to make in order to get the federal money... :wink:

No matter how long it lasted, it couldn't be worse than a QB debate in the TiCat forum. :roll: :wink:

You must be new to . . and don't recall, for example, the Winnipeg boards when they had a QB stable that included Kevin Glenn, Khari Jones, Tee Martin, Pat Barnes, Russ Michna, and numerous others. . . man that was wild. Or check out the Montreal boards, there's one poster there with an irrational man-crush on Adrian McPherson.

Yeah, by the time I joined the forums, Kevin Glenn was starting for the TiCats, so I missed all that. I guess it's not too late to see the man-crush on AM. I think I'll pass, though.

You are wise PiCat.

Just don't think that endless debates about #2 and #3 quarterbacks are somehow unique to Hamilton.

They are not.