Grey Cup bound?

I think we have the tools to get it done. We just have to have them working all at the same time.

Before tonight's game against Edmonton I would have agreed with you. But the situation has changed for B.C. and not for the good.

Buckie had to be replaced due to injury. I don't know the extent of his injuries. Perhaps someone else does. Jurious could get the job if he isn't a loose cannon. I'd hate to see Champion have to step in Jurious gets injured. The seriously bad news is Charles Roberts. A ruptured achilles tendon puts him out for the season. That appears to be the diagnosis. That really is too bad. He was just getting into his zone. I don't know what Jason Clermont's status is. Stefan Logan is due to return when they play Calgary.

Jurious is finally connecting with Geroy. That's great news. Smart is doing a great job.

Calgary demolished Edmonton today. Hopefully Edmonton just ran into some bad luck, like the helmet to helmet tackle not being called and the fluke interception that was returned for a TD. But for Edmonton to score only 9 points is evidence that Saskatchewan knew how to shut Ricky Ray et al down for good. Let's just hope Edmonton had a bad day and that Saskatchewan wasn't as good as they appeared. I can understand B.C. killing Toronto 55-32 but I can't see how Edmonton could give up 55 points and only score 9 given how they've been playing in recent games. That's hardly being ready for the playoffs.

The jury is out for where the western semi final will be played but at least B.C. is a little closer to hosting it.

Next week B.C. must win against Calgary. Then it doesn't matter what Saskatchewan does in Toronto. If if B.C. loses against then Saskatchewan would have to lose against Toronto if B.C. hopes to host the western semi-final.

It will be tough to beat Calgary next week given what has happened to some of B.C.'s key players. Let's hope Calgary will be resting some of it's key players as they prepare to host the western final. If I were the coach that's what I'd do. :lol: