Grey Cup Bound!!!!

Ticats are Grey Cup bound this year!! Dare to dream? :roll:

Dare to hallucinate! They've got a long way to go for a Grey Cup, although it is possible.

This team kind of reminds me of the American expansion teams that came in. They were all kind of built the same way we are right now, a veteren q.b surounded by a bunch of rookies.

So it is possible for us to make some noise, but a grey cup is at least 2 years away.

Grey cup in 2009.

Worst to first in 1998 -- 2-16 to 12-5-1 and missed the Cup by a hair...

Calgary won the Cup in 2001 with a 8-10 record...

In this league, it is a struggle to pull off a Cup win from where the Cats are right now, but I would never rule anything out. It is not a 32-team league after all.

I keep watching Calgary tanking it in the West playoffs after solid regular seasons, so you have to get to November. Then it's a crapshoot.

We'll see. I expect that we will be competitive and be in the playoff fight. I won't drink the Cup koolaid just yet...

Oski Wee Wee,

I see some good eager young talent with some fine coaches.....Bolt down the farm boys and girls. :thup:

Sorry but not this year. The Argos are looking to go to their own Grey Cup and are very strong this year--rebuilt O-line with 4 Canadians, 3 quality QBs (excluding Allen!!), very strong receiving corps led by Bruce, veteran RBs, a "sure-thing" place kicker, strong LBs and DBs and a few rookies with big upside (e.g. Durie). The only 'weak' spot is D-line.

An Argo-Cat fan

Looking forward to winning the Grey Cup right in Toronto this year with Adam Rita and Pinball Clemons watching from the nosebleed section.

take it easy there sport,with the predictions
and such. what was the pre-season record last season
when the team went 4-14 the rest of the way.
i have to say though that i am happy for jason, i just wish we could have recorded last year's fan reaction to his performances and played them back for those same people this year when he excels as we know he will. its funny because every one of you who booed him last year, if face to face with him probably would not have the courage to tell him how you really felt then.

                   city legend

ticats4ever, what are you smoking, and where can I find it?

Seriously, if we make the playoffs I'll be happy this year.