Grey Cup Bidding

The next couple Grey Cups are spoken for but Manitoba is upping its game in hopes of landing the game by offering a considerable raise in financial support.

This move is in response to the increased in interest by other markets in hosting the big game and festival.

This is long overdue and a great opportunity for the league to leverage hosting opportunities in return for areas investing in raising the profile of not only the game, but the league in general.

The NFL and other US based leagues have been doing this for years, but the practice has not been mirrored up here.
Here’s hoping this will trigger a new era for Grey Cup hosting


I wonder if the league will do a dual awarding (both 24 and 25 at once) again.

The 2020 and 2021 games were announced February of 2019 IIRC so there's still a bit of time to go if they want to keep that schedule.

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Looks like the Bombers will have to take 2025 as BC will host in 2024

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We're also planning to throw in 'Good Weather' to sweeten the bid.

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Well deserved on the part of their organization.


They (Winnipeg) don't have to host. They would want to host.

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But Winnipeg deserves to host, probably more than any other team. They should be a lock for 2025. They deserve it ahead of even BC, until at least more people come to games there.

Having said that I have no problem with BC hosting the game as they have sold a lot of tickets for past GC games and thankfully weather won’t hurt the better team and be a factor in the game.

It’s probably a safe bet that a GC game was promised to BC when their ownership changed. That wouldn’t be the first time in the NFL or CFL that happened. Same with new stadiums in both leagues.

Personally I think the GC should be awarded to cities that have earned it the most like Winnipeg and Regina (and hopefully BC and others in the future). It should never be awarded to cities and owners like Toronto that run unsuccessful teams financially and don’t have much of a fan base and criticize the league. Not until they clean up their act.

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I think it's better that it should be on a 9 year rotation (easing up on hosting fatigue)

That has an attraction but I don’t think it is fair based on fan support and financial support of the league. It would also be embarrassing if for example Toronto would have to give away tickets to put 20,000 in the stands.

There are many NFL cities that don’t get to host Super Bowls.

Again we (the CFL) are not the NFL.

Need to have some games in the 3 major Canadian markets from time to time.

Can't keep bouncing from Regina and Winnipeg because they are the economic driver for the CFL.

Those two franchises back in the 1980s had their save the franchise telethons (wow I am old)

That 2016 game was more a Braley event to recoup his cost of propping up the Argos and the MLSEs irresponsible pricing of game.

Hopefully they (MLSE) should actually read their market instead of insulting the fanbase.

The CFL can't repeat their mistakes of avoiding Toronto because it didn't sell out in 1992 (at the height of the Blue Jays World Series run)

Only hosting the game at SkyDome
a grand total of 4 times (1989,1992,2007,2012) also set the CFL back terms of being visible and fighting for market share.

The 2012 Vanier Cup and Grey Cup was successful.

It can happen again if done right (MLSE needs to do the work).

Absolutely true which is proof of how that can change again as it has many times in the past. I just think that the cities/teams that have earned it the most should reap the benefits the most. And I’m not saying that it should only be Winnipeg or Regina, but certainly more than other cities. More money for the league too.

Of course they would have to move the GC to October. Can I count on your support for that? :grin:

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Oh ,with some reluctance but only to make you happy.

Always will prefer the November/December Grey Cup.


But this removes the incentive for teams and cities to provide funding for hosting the game. The Bombers have secured a promise of $5 million to host the game at some point, and BC will likely get the same if not slightly more.
Once you know you’re getting the game once every 9 years it’s easy to not put up any funding towards it.

If anything the league should be making it even more competitive to host the big game.

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If they can turn the GC into a wild Halloween themed drunkfest it'll become a tourist attraction for our party animals to the south. :smiley: :+1: