Grey Cup Beer Prices?

Just wondering if anyone has any inside scoop on beer costs at some of these events? (Riderville, Spirit of Edmonton, etc)I am trying to budget and convince my wife it is not going to be that expensive of a weekend!! Hee Hee

Good luck with

I would think it would be around $6 a beer.

I would guess that whoknows is in the ballpark. Just go and deny everything when you get back. Deny, deny, deny. After a couple of weeks it should be ok.

You're single, aren't you??

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I need a driver so I thought I would bring her!! LOL

Actually she loves the parties so she is looking forward to it.

Standard Bar Prices....a hint...don't try to convince your wife it's cheap.

Tell her it's the Grey Cup and won't be around for another 8 years. Tell if you divide the cost up over an eight year period the whole festival is quite affordable....that is unless you go every year.

PM we can hook up at the Convention Centre...the Box Eh Boys and the Box J Boys take Toronto...I'm glad I live 5 min's away!!!


spirit of edm is the best and it's free and prices are reasonable. but it depends on HOW MUCH you drink/spend during the national drunk weekend. metro convention centre has riderville schooners and tigertown and spirit of edm(my fav) is at at the sheraton on queen st so everything is pretty close. the ones at the metro are only 5 or 10 bucks to get in too.

I seen one thing advertising 7+ a beer .

Honest I am really to busy at the grey cups to waste time in only one place getting drunk and I have the option always to grab the odd drink here and there when I am thirsty!I am bringing a 60 of gibson for the friends and me!

$5.75 per beer at TigerTown.



Vanier Cup, Top draft price for 20 oz of Keiths was $10