Grey Cup base bands

A few decades ago, the Grey Cup trophy was redesigned/reshaped. I assume the bands from the old base went into the HOF in Hamilton.

Were the names from the old bands transposed onto the newly shaped ones? Or did the new design start out blank? I'm guessing a few of the newer bands have been filled and sent to the HOF as well, so I was just wondering if there was overlap where some teams were named on both designs.

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I can’t answer your question, and now I’m curious!
I hope someone out there knows. I like the oldest base.

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At first I thought you were advocating for a military marching band to play the half time show.

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On the new base, the panels bearing the names of Grey Cup champions are still mounted in vertical columns, but those are now made up of individual plaques. The champions’ names on those plaques are darkened so they are easier to see.

Starting next year, a plaque from the past will be removed each year to make room for a new one honouring the newest champion. A plaque listing the names of the 2020 Grey Cup champions, for example, will replace the 1909 plaque.

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Cool, thanks!

I wish they would have done the same as the Stanley cup with a couple bands and added them to Base 2, then removed them as they were filled. It's beginning to look ungainly and unnecessarily huge.

I gotta say though, the NFL got theirs right, and maybe that's a better idea, keep it as is and make a presentation cup (resembling Base 1) with a single engraved plaque every season.

What is the difference between replacing a band with 12 winners and a plaque with 1 winner?

Because a Presentation cup the team could keep. Sort of like where teams have a replica for each of their championship wins. Its what they do for the Superbowl.

Don't the teams get to keep a Grey Cup replica of some sort in their team offices?

I'm not sure. Most do have replicas of some kind I'm sure.

Still like the NFL way, Win and get a Lombardi Trophy for your Superbowl.

I like how it's the same Grey Cup and Stanley Cup that is presented year after year. It adds to the history of the trophy being the same one that was given to players of the past.


Not really. The Grey cup has changed several times and when all the spaces on the Stanley Cup are engraved they take off the top ring and add another one on the bottom. I believe they do the same with the Borg Warner Trophy (Indy 500) as well.

If you are redesigning the base - make it work the same way on the Grey Cup. It's got 109 winning teams and at some point it just gets so huge its like the Harley J Earl trophy - this massive thing that more a monument than a trophy...

And you want the winners to be able to hold up the trophy......

Its not the rings or bands, its the cup/bowl itself that holds the history.

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Yup. And you should be able to hold it up with one hand, pour an adult beverage in with the other and swig it down without the help of half the team....

Ok...but I don't see what that has to do with bands and "Base 2"

Sorry disagree with the "Presentation cup
I prefer having 1 and only 1Grey Cup

Wellll.....its been a long time since they brought the real one on the field..... Same as the Stanley cup. They get the real one in the dressing room after.....

No I am pretty sure its the one and only they bring to the field

I thought that was the case. They do that with golf trophies too, most notable the British Open. I can’t remember offhand but some original trophies are given out for a year or portion of a year and then must be given back. That is if it’s not in the Rideau Canal.

I think it started the year after someone broke the original Grey Cup on field a few years back.

And the Real Stanley Cup hasn't been on the ice for 30-40 years. If you google you can find how to tell if its the real or the stand in Stanley Cup. I know for sure the real has Pocklingtons Dads name X'ed out but there are a few other tells.

As for golf I think about that and I can't help but think of Ferhety interviewing Clarke and Clarke talking about how he had to bend the Claret jug back into shape a few times in the year he had it.

Most trophies from 100 years back are solid silver and pretty malleable and valuable so in moments where someone could walk off with it or it could be damaged by exuberant celebration there are stand in's that are plated steel.....

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