Grey Cup Averages 5.8 Million Viewers

It averages 5.8 on rds and tsn
and peaked at 13 million (a record)

I predicted it would peak at around 11 million, so to hear it hit 13 is awesome! :rockin:

I used the wrong words, blah.
It peaked at 7 mil but attracted 13 million unique viewers (or 1 third of canadians)
thats the record.

also interestingly the peak wasnt at the halftime show which attracted 6.1 million.

the article is on tsn.

So the 9 million Tax payers injected works out to about 70 cents per interested citizen... There you go McClown.

5.8 for the game and the “peak” was the half time show, pretty good sports numbers for the year:

These were the most watched sporting events of the year in Canada:

8 million Super Bowl
7.5 million closing Olympic ceremony
6.4 million opening Olympic ceremony
6.2 million watched Usain Bolt run the 100metres
5.8 million Grey Cup
3.1 million women’s Canada/USA football

:cowboy: :roll:

If Toronto quit the CFL and joined the NFL I wonder if 13 million would watch The Toronto Argo nots losing 60-0 to the Jacksonville Jaguars???

Why on earth do Torontonians even consider the NFL?????????????????????? :oops:
The CFL is so much more fun as the Grey Cup week showed the City of Toronto!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

actually you are wrong.
only 6.1 million watched the halftime show
7 million was the peak, likely sometime before the argos had easily wrapped up the game.
again the article is on tsn and you can look it up if you want the numbers.

The 6.1 million was the average number of viewers during the halftime show. It's quite possible that the peak viewing was during the show, more than likely when Bieber hit the stage.

Dad: "Hey, that Justin guy you like is on now."
Teen Daughter: "SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!" [runs into room]

Still 5.8 million average, and 13 million total watching the Grey Cup coverage is definitely good news for the league.

We need to get the Grey Cup back on to Network TV. There's no way if this was still on CBC that the Super Bowl ever would get higher ratings than the 100th Grey Cup.

There were several years there the Grey Cup was getting better ratings than the Super Bowl every year. Most of 2004-2010 I believe.

No, when the Grey Cup was on CBC the last time there were 3 million viewers. As has been discussed numerous times before, most people have access to the Grey Cup game either through cable, sattelite or the internet.
As for the Super Bowl, why does it matter to you if more Canadians watch the Super Bowl? I don't get it, these are big events that people tune in to once a year. Look at the ratings for the Olympics, over 6 million Canadians watched Bolt run the 100metres he's not Canadian and we won't get millions tuned into watch the Canadian track and field championships.
The important thing is the average football viewers, not the TV crowd that tunes into watch the yearly event.
The average CFL viewership on TSN was 720,000 this season. The NFL viewership with games on CTV is around 500,000

I'm not surprised that the ratings on RDS were very low, they didn't crack the top 30. My guess is that Francophones weren't interested without Montreal or they watched the game in English on TSN

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I'm not surprised the ratings on RDS were low either, Montreal does not want to see a city like Toronto having success and with the 100th there and all that, they would just as soon turn their backs on this. I bet even in the NHL and the Habs were out of it and the Leafs were in the SC finals, you wouldn't have a good Quebec Francophone audience.

The superb ratings are a good news story full stop. Multi millions of people watching the team from a multi millions of people metro area win in the Big Show has to be good for business. Let's hope a few thousand of all those millions turn up to support the Champions next regular season....there is the question