Grey Cup averages 4.5 million on TSN

Great ratings yet again for the Grey Cup. The game averaged 4.5 million viewers on TSN peaking at 5.5 million late in the 2nd quarter. Between TSN and RDS over 11.5 million viewers - one in three Canadians - watched at least a portion of the Grey Cup game.

This ranks as the most-watched sports program of the broadcast year and the fourth most-watched Grey Cup on record, according to preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada.

Those numbers are amazing considering it was a blowout - just imagine how high that number might have been had the Cats stayed close.

Wow. Great numbers.

Not bad for a second tier sport/bush league like the CFL :lol:

This is great news!

Wow! 2 million watched the "extensive post game coverage".

TSN has done a great job to bring the ratings up from the "lows" of the CBC days.

It would be interesting to see the stats before and after half time. I for one stopped watching mid way through the 2nd quater. Probably one of the worst Grey Cups in recent history to watch. I flipped to the Bronco's vs Pat's game.

Really stopped watching in 2nd quarter? You watched the Argos game right?

Last years Grey Cup I watched the first half and tuned out after it was pretty bad as well. I was on holidays for the semi final and eastern final so I did not watch them. The game was pretty much decided be mid second that Hamilton was not prepared to play. They had a poor game plan in place and communication was non existant. With smart phones and updates there was no reason to watch that anymore. I kept getting updates and if it got close turn back.

I did exactly the same thing - yes, a terrible GC even the half time, what little I saw of it was terrible.
And what's with them pathetic CFL ads "you've got to see these guys play"

Not sure if you read the article, but it says viewership peaked right before halftime at 5.5 million, and that 4.2 million watched Hedley’s halftime performance.

Very, strong numbers.

Also, not sure if you’re aware of the mini comeback in the 3rd quarter when Hamilton shut out Saskatchewan while scoring 10 straight points. Very early in the 4th it was only a two touchdown lead. Hamilton put themselves back into the game.

I thought Hedley put on a terrific performance. I loved it.

Okay, I guess I didn't actually listen to it for very long and gave it a chance. :expressionless:

I also didn't turn it back to the game at all after half time :thdn:

I'm sure you weren't the only one, and it's easy to see why. Watching that first half was downright painful! :thdn: