Grey Cup attendance

On TV it didn't look like there was alot of people there. Can anyone who was actually there confirm what the attendance was?

they said on tv around 45,000 but i wasnt at the game so who knows.

Sold out, 44,000 and something. Great job Winnipeg.

44,000+ and a sell out!

It looked very full to me.



...there were no empty seats that i could see.....the stadium was rockin' :rockin: :thup: Great Grey Cup.....Winnipegers should be proud... :thup:

ya the stadium was the most packed that i have ever seen it. there was also some great energy the crowd was giving. most def the best i have been in at canad inns.

How Come 44 000 Is A Sell Out? I Thought One Of The Requirements To Host The Grey Cup Game Was A Minimum Of 50 000+. For The '91 Grey Cup There Was Nearly 52 000 Seats, So What Happend To Those Seats? I'm Not Knocking Winnipeg For Not Breaking The 50 000 Mark, Heck, In '98 They Only Had 34 000. But I Would Rather Have Seen 44 000 In A 52 000 Stadium Then A 44 000 Sell Out.

you'd rather see 8,000 empty seats then a packed stadium?...

u crazy

The 50+ requirement has been dropped for a few years now.
The league sells the rights to the team and lets them market it as they want.
All the temporary seats do is make the crowd bigger, but they make very little if any cash for the team.
And if a large number sit empty, they actually start to drag profits down.
In 1995, the temps cost the Riders approx. $75 a seat, so they were sold at cost.
So if temps cost 100 now, 8000 empties would cost the team $800,000.

From what I have heard it cost the Bombers $1.5 million to add the temporary seating in the south end zone which added 14,000 seats for the game. At $140.00 per ticket that meant a ticket revenue of almost $2 million not to mention the increased sales of beer and such. The investment of these temporary seats probably netted the Bombers at least $500,000 and more than likely $750,000. That killed the team debt right there!

Wow, $140 is a LOT for a cold metal bench behind the end-zone … I paid less than that for a 15-yard-line seat at the 2000 GC in Calgary (which, I heard, had really high ticket prices) and only $80 for an upper-corner seat at Commonwealth for the 2002 GC.

I suspect this could be a reason why the GC didn’t sell out until a few days beforehand …

I also suspect that if they HAD had an extra 8000 seats there, a good chunk more people would have shown up … sort of the “if you build it they will come” concept. I can’t say if it would have sold out or not, but I bet attendance would have topped 50,000. Of course, that is if it’s possible to fit 22,000 temp seats into Winnipeg Stadium … However, I bet you it costs the team less per seat to install those bleachers, as you add more seats … and maybe then, they could have lowered those ticket prices a bit, too.