Grey Cup attendance

Is the crowd at Grey Cups mostly from the home town? Or are there lots of people who travel from elsewhere?

THe reason I'm asking is I was wondering if the Argos got to the Grey Cup in 2007 if the crowd would be mostly pro-Argo.

I always wanted to see 55,000 cheering on the Argos in person. :thup:


winipegs grey cup has sold more than 35,000 out of 45,000 seats so far!

But is it people from Winnipeg, or outsiders?

Thats my question:
Is it mostly home-town people at the Grey Cups?

It depends who is playing. Usually home town fans buy a lot of tickets hoping their team will be in it, then sell them if their team doesnt go to the final. You'll find a lot of fans for both finals teams, locals, and CFL fans in general at a grey cup final.

You'd have to ask the ticket office that question. And they'd only know that if they collected your postal code when you purchased tickets. Which, to my knowledge, they don't.

I'd guess 3/4 of the crowd would be from the host city. Meh. Just a guess.

Sitting outside for 3 hours in the middle of winter in Winterpeg is not exactly my dream vacation.

There are a lot of other fans that do attend. Most have special rooms in hotels celebrating their own teams heritage and season. Hell, there's even a Baltimore presence still at the Grey Cup!?

BTW, do you :wink: suppose ticket sales have slowed down at all in the 'Peg?

Most definately.

It depends on the location.. IF its held in Regina, I would imagine lots of Green and White fans in the audience ( even after we dont make the playoffs -:lol:- or get kicked out )

In Vancouver, well... Its was a different Story.. Theres just Football fans there.. When I went to Grey cup in Calgary it seemed like there were tons of stamps fans...

-My guess is that it veries from city to city, and who's playing.

I've got a tricket, and I'm in Atlanta, GA.

consider it was heck getting a hotel room, I say outsiders.

It is both, TO

Last year’s Cup was sold out by now … but alot of tickets changed hands as the Lions were imploding

In Vancouver … we get around 20,000 from out of town … and altho not all attend the game … they came to par-tay!

well done!

Thanks :wink: I'm looking forwand to it.

These are the only 2 Grey Cups I have been to Regina in 2003 and Vancouver last year. In 2003 there were alot of Rider fans there but there were quite a few fans from all over.

Vancouver 2005 I saw Jerseys represented from every team (except Ottawa) within 5 seats of me in any direction. I would say Edmonton was best represented in Vancouver but then again, the were in the final and it was within driving distance.

We saw this in Regina in 1995 when the temp seats were all in in the last regular season game before Grey Cup, I believe the Riders played Calgary. The atmosphere of 55,000 fans cheering the Riders on was amazing. We even had the wave going, it was great!

theres only 45 thousand seats there? man, for grey cup games they should be played only at places that seat more then 60 K, edmontons stadium same with toronto and bc should be the only places

Considering how hard it is too find a hotel room during Grey Cup week, I'd say a good chunk of fans come from out-of-city. But, I'd still say most fans are from the host city.

Seeing all the CFL fans representing their different teams (especially seeing the Baltimore fans!) was one thing I loved about going to the Grey Cup last year

No you’re not!

....huh? know something the rest of us don't EM?...

We have a neighbour and his son down the road that make a trek to every Grey Cup game where ever it is. They usually leave on Monday and party all week long. Even though they are BC Fans they have told me that the Spirit of Edmonton and the Stampeder breakfast are the two highlights of their trip(s). (Besides the game)