Grey Cup at BMO was a lot of fun

My wife and I were at the Grey Cup game in Toronto. I was wearing my Rough Riders hard hat and my no. 65 Rough Rider Jersey with the autographs of the '76 Rough Riders on it for good luck. The Redblacks were leading up until I put my jacket on and the Stamps came back. I told my wife, "I must have muffled the luck from the '76 Riders, she tells me, "Take that damn jacket off". I take it off and the Redblacks get that shoe string tackle and get the Jackson TD in OT and win the game. LOL. !!! Weird and wonderful !!!! It probably was coincidence, but then again, who knows. It was a long time coming and I think we've exorcised those football demons this year. Congrats all Ottawa fans past and future. The football gods finally smiled on Ottawa again. :rockin: :cowboy:

Good wife!!!

I know the feeling of those demons of past. :roll:

Been to all the games as season ticket holder for all three years and I 've been wearing my old Ottawa Rough Riders Jersey from the 80's to all the games or while watching on TV. BUT I was telling my daughter at the rally yesterday how after finally WINNING a Grey Cup again, I would FINALLY retire that jersey and start wearing the brand new REDBLACKS jersey I have had hanging up since the Inaugural 2014 season. :thup: