Bob McCown here on local Toronto Fan 590 had Argo Prez Keith Pelley on for the regular chit chat.
Keith is very excited about the Grey Cup, with about 4000 seats left. Of those, only 78 are left around the 100 and 200 bowl area.
Grey Cup entertainment announcement will be made May 28, and it will be "really big" with well known first rate entertainers.
Season ticket sales are up about 15%.
This year some 25 players have been in training with the new conditioning coach Desai Williams. By example, last year there were only 9,
The QB competition will be fierce with the 5 QB's. And yes, the team has announced Michael Bishop has signed a new contract until 09. No more Arena League.
This year season ticket holders(like yours truly) will be getting a brand new really nice Argo history book.
Which begs the question, what are some of the other teams "doing" or including in a season ticket package?

Maybe they will actually have a band/entertainment that follows the CFL.

Bare Naked Ladies would work, their more Leaf fans but should be CFL fans too.

This all sounds positive. I've got tkts for the Grey Cup. With not team in Ottawa now, I'm an Argos fan!

I watched and listened to this last night. Every time I hear Keith Pelley, well, the guy just exudes a positive attitude and excitement for the Argos and CFL. Problem is I think the Blue Jays will scoop this guy from the Argos soon to replace Godfrey, I sure would if I was in Ted's shoes. But that might not be a bad idea, having someone like Pelley in that position would be good for everyone there involved in sports in the RC.

WOW, the Argos Donated 4M to Sickkids hospital(think that's the name) recently... apparently they don't have huge finacial issues if they can donate 4M$.

Where did you hear or read same.
Please post barnes.

Very nice job on the part of the Argos. Hopefully this link works.

[url=] ... c3934.html[/url]

No I am not talking to myself, but I just answered my own question.
Here is the article.
A multi year donation with various programs attached to same.
Only in the CFL you say.

[url=] ... 30-cp.html[/url]

Thanks Mr., we posted at the exact same time.

I see that.

I always thought the Argos with these new owners were pretty classy and this just proves it. Way to go boatmen.

whens the last time the leafs, raps or jays donated $4M to a good cause such as this?

Leafs and Craps are majority owned by the Teachers Fund, enough said. It's profit, profit and more profit.
As for the Bjays, that's a surprise especially since Ted Rogers is involved.

Here is my Link:

[url=] ... &nid=16502[/url]

Found it on the Bombers website.

Even if it's 3 or 4 years that's 1M a year, alot of money for a CFL team.

The Leafs and Raps and Jays all make donations, but I don't think any of them have made a deal like this atleast not that compares.

4M to the Argos is a decent % of yearly revenues, atleast 20%(that is 20% of 20M in yearly revenues which would put the Argos at the top of the CFL spectrum)

I have not seen the Raps, Jays or Leafs put up what would need to be from them atleast 10M in a single donation.

Maybe this will force them to, who knows it is definitly one of those things that shows why the CFL is great and why CFL expansion would benefity the communities so much.

The Argos have made a huge donation but are not the only team who makes donations, All teams make a good amount of donations a year.

Yes you are probably right, how by en large sporting teams are/have been good corporate "citizens".
Having said that, I don't recall hearing about similar type numbers coming out of the three other before mentioned Toronto teams.
And if anything, those three teams can afford a hell of a lot more especially the richest team in Canada under the MLSE banner.

True, Comparing to their yearly Revenues it looks like the Argos do the most by far.

There are many things the Leafs do atleast with Charity events like the Charity golf tourney and getting players out there to schools and the hospital.
Something that atleast both the Argos and Leafs do. not sure about the other teams.

The Leafs would need to donate around 30-40M to equal the size of donation the Argos just did.

That just shows how much the Argos donation means.

Now even if that's a 3-4 year donation plan the leafs would need to match that except be donating 10* as much, as their yearly revenues are exceeding 10* as much as the Argos.

the leafs are top in the NHL or atleast top 3 with around 150-200M a year in Revenue, if the Argos earn 15-20M per year their top of the CFL, although I think their between 13-14M a year

Wow, just reading about this now about the donation. Good stuff Argo owners. And David Braley giving money here in Hamilton to the hospitals as well in the millions. Excellent, another reason the CFL is great when you have people on board like this. Ok, we like to say Braley runs the league and that but deep down he has another side for sure.

MLSE or Teacher's fund, however you want to say it or tie the two together could pay off the whole country's debt and still have money left over. Greed, monopoly, mafia, more greed are all good words that come to my mind. The Argos generous 4 million would be half a drop in a bucket to these people. Please don't kid yourself, the financial truth would blow us away. Any donation is a pure media, public relations, money laundering spectacle.

Money aside, the other things which the Argos do in the community is not equalled by any other sports team locally.
They have the anti violence program and go into hundreds of school over the year.
In fact, MLSE and the BJ's should be ashamed of themselves as neither is a good corporate "citizen".

This is really very impressive. Maybe the newly enforced salary cap has freed up some unexpected revenue for the double blue.